Critic’s Choice: August 20, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)hall & oates-when the morning comes-abandoned luncheonette-1973
2)chelsea williams-toyota song-boomerang-2017
3)lukas nelson-breath of my baby-lukas nelson & promise of the real-2017
4)aretha franklin-night life-aretha arrives-1967
5)blank range-crimson moon-marooned with the treasure-2017
6)george thorogood-pictures from life’s other side-party of one-2017
7)lynne & moorer-lungs-not dark yet-2017
8)ray charles-let’s go get stoned-crying time-1966
9)eliot bronson-stranger-james-2017
10)david rawlings-money is the meat of the coconut-poor david’s almanack-2017
11)the hollies-it’s only make believe-stay with the hollies-1964
12)eilen jewel-another night to cry-down hearted blues-2017
13)gordon lightfoot-high & dry-sundown-1974
14)the districts-why would i wanna be-popular manipulations-2017
15)mosquitos-someone you love-mexican dust-2017
16)sam outlaw-she’s playing hard to get rid of-tenderheart-2017

2nd hour
1)elton john-lady what’s tomorrow-empty sky-1969
2)kacy & clayton-the light of day-the siren’s song-2017
3)grateful dead-lazy lightning-cornell ’77-2017
4)jade bird-cathedral-something american ep-2017
5)stevie wonder-heaven help us all-signed, sealed & delivered-1970
6)bob dylan-on the road again-bringing it all back home-1965
7)joan osborne-spanish harlem incident-songs of bob dylan-2017
8)big star-stroke it noel-third-1975
9)korey dane-valeria-chamber girls-2017
10)iron & wine-about a bruise-beast epic-2017
11)john denver-take me home country roads-poems prayers & promises-1971
12)ali handal-not a pretty girl-that’s what she said-2017
13)warren zevon-join me in l.a.-warren zevon-1976
14)bruce cockburn-jesus train-bone on bome-2017
15)shelly waters- red hot red- shelly waters- 2017

3rd hour
1)john prine- saddle in the rain- common sense- 1975
2)paula cole- what a little moonlight can do- ballads- 2017
3)will hoge- young as we will ever be- anchors- 2017
4)alice merton- no roots- no roots ep- 2017
5)freedy johnston- two lovers stop- this perfect world- 2017
6)elvis presley- rubberneckin’ – change of habit- 1969
7)lady rizo- under- indigo- 2017
8)the kinks- situation vacant- something else- 1967
9)the accidentals- in the morning- odyssey- 2017
10)hoodoo gurus- good times- blow your cool – 1987
11)sparks- giddy giddy- hippopotamus-2017
12)the aces- stuck- I don’t like being honest- 2017
13)lou  reed – vicious – transformer – 1972
14)steven wilson- permanating – to the bone -2017