Critic’s Choice: October 15, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)paul simon-tenderness-there goes rhymin’ simon-1973
2)wailin’ jennys-loves me like a rock-fifteen-2017
3)the waterboys-mister charisma-out of all this blue-2017
4)sarah vaughan-spring will be a little late-in hi fi-1955
5)george thorogood-born with the blues-party of one-2017
6)tom petty & heartbreakers-spike-southern accents-1985
7)nora jane struthers-just a house-champion-2017
8)poco-don’t let it pass by-poco-1970
9)korey dane-heart out west-chamber girls-2017
10)chris hillman-when i get a little money-bidin’ my time-2017
11)ren geisick-i probably won’t-ren love song-2017
12)fleetwood mac-like crying-then play on-1969
13)sun seeker-biddeford-biddeford ep-2017
14)parekh & singh-ocean-ocean-2016
15)mitch woods-in the night-friends along the way-2017
16)benjamin clementine-jupiter-i tell a fly-2017

2nd hour
1)randy newman- falling in love- land of dreams- 2017
2)whitney rose- i don’t want half- rule 62- 2017
3)robert plant- keep it hid- carry fire- 2017
4)jessica lea mayfield- offa my hands- sorry is gone- 2017
5)nrbq- that’s neat that’s nice- at yankee stadium- 1978
6)rolling stones- confessin the blues- 5 x 5 EP- 1964
7)the districts- fat kiddo- popular manipulations- 2017
8)throwing muses- graffiti- the real ramona- 1991
9)chuck berry- she still loves you- chuck-2017
10)sharon jones & dap kings- matter of time- soul of a woman-2017
11)eliot bronson- rollin down a line- james- 2017
12)sisters- sleepy eyes- wait don’t wait- 2017
13)tom petty & heartbreakers- ain’t love strange- let me up- 1987
15)mattiel-salty words-mattiel-2017
16)mipso-train down the line-coming down the mountain-2017

3rd hour
1)dr. john- little liza jane-gumbo- 1972
2)eilen jewell- you’ll be mine- down hearted blues- 2017
3) brian wilson- some sweet day- playback-2017
4) alison krauss- poison love- windy city- 2017
5) the safes- I wish i could- tasty waves- 2017
6) deer tick- look how clean i am- deer tick vol 2- 2017
7) flying burrito bros- hot burrito #2-the gilded palace of sin- 1969
8) cults- right words- offering- 2017
9) pavement- zurich is stained- slanted & enchanted- 1992
10) andy frasco & the u.n.- make it work- happy bastards- 2016
11) beck- square one- colors- 2017
12) neil young- don’t cry no tears- zuma- 1975
13) repeat repeat- hang it low- floral canyon- 2017
14) queen- need your loving tonight- the game- 1980