Critic’s Choice: October 29, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp tilte-year

1st hour
1)neil young-lotta love-comes a time-1978
2)margo price-do right by me-all american made-2017
3)neil finn-more than one of you-out of silence-2017
4)ren geisick-tell me that-ren love song-2017
5)johnny paycheck-she’s all i got-she’s all i got-1971
7)dinah washington-what a difference a day made-what a difference-1959
8)billy burnette-river of love-crazy like me-2017
9)langhorne slim-life is confusing-lost at last vol 1-2017
10)chris hillman-restless-bidin’ my time-2017
11)blood sweat & tears-without her-child is father-1968
12)lee ann womack-end of the end-the lonely the lonesome-2017
13)rock n roll trio-i love you so-rock n roll trio-1957
14)thunder body solstice-solstice-2017
15)lomelda-nervous driver-lomelda-2017
16)joshua davis-always going-the way back home-2017

2nd hour
1)george harrison-give me love -living in the material-1973
2)rogue & jaye-over & over-pent up-2017
3)barnett & vile-over everything-lotta sea lice-2017
4)fats domino-walking in new orleans-a lot of dominos-1960
5)chris barron-in a cold kind-angels & one armed jugglers-2017
6)willie nelson-i made a mistake-god’s problem child-2017
7)liam gallagher-paper crown-as you were-2017
8)sheryl crow-hard to make a stand-sheryl crow-2017
9)deer tick-doomed from the start-deer tick vol 1-2017
10)randy newman-mama told me not to come-12 songs-1970
11)the shacks-this strange effect-the shacks ep-2016
12)the lil smokies-feathers-changing shades-2017
13)the smiths-the boy with the thorn-the queen is dead-1986
14)king leg-moaning lisa screaming-meet king leg-2017
15)donora-i could be your girl-sun to me-2017
16)travis meadows-guy like me-first cigarette-2017

3rd hour
1)pokey la farge-knockin the dust-something in the water-2015
2)go go’s-insincere-god bless the go go’s-2001
3)lukas nelson-die alone-& promise of the real-2017
4)tennis-diamond rings-we can die happy ep-2017
5)meat puppets-leaves-mirage-1987
6)bruce springsteen-it’s hard to be-greeting from asbury-1973
7)dale & ray-i wish you knew-dale & ray-2017
8)the kinks-you do something to me-1964
9)repeat repeat-echo-floral canyon-2017
10)the vertebrats-left in the dark-battle of the garages-1981
11)weezer-happy hour-pacific daydream-2017
12)wolf alice-beautifully unconventional-visions of a life-2017
13)pixies-here comes your man-doolittle-1989
14)warbly jets-rawevolution-warbly jets-2017