Critic’s Choice: December 17, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp-year

1st hour
1)me first & gimme gimmes-crazy for you-are we not men-2014
2)tristen-into the sun-sneaker waves-2017
3)willie nelson-true love-god’s problem child-2017
4)aimee mann-philly sinks-mental illness-2017
5)desmond dekker-007 shanty town-007 shanty town-1967
6)new york dolls-lonely planet boy-new york dolls-1973
7)allison pierce-peace like river-year of the rabbit-2017
8)james brown-hold my baby’s hand-please please please-1958
9)robert francis-the brand-indian summer-2017
10)u2-love is all we have left-songs of experience-2017
11)eilen jewell-another night to cry-down hearted blues-2017
12)townes van zandt-when he offers his hand-high low & in between-1971
13)american high-1.17.61-bones in the attic-2017
14)dma’s-believe-like a version-2017
15)charlotte cardin-big boy-main girl ep-2017
16)the molochs-that’s the trouble-america’s velvet-2017

2nd hour
1)john lennon-intuition-mind games-1973
2)sarah cole-forever gonna shine-2017
3)tmbg-contrecoup-the else-2007
4)nicole atkins-goodnight rhonda lee-goodnight rhonda lee-2017
5)gregory porter-ballerina-nat king cole & me-2017
6)the monkees-look out-more of the monkees-1967
7)mavis staples-ain’t no doubt about it-if all i was was black-2017
8)swingin’ utters-fruitless fortunes-5 lessons learned-1998
9)steve earle-this is how it ends-so you wannabe an outlaw-2017
10)deer tick-look how clean i am-deer tick vol 2-2017
11)ella fitzgerald-sunshine of your love-sunshine of your love-1969
12)the safes-millionaire-tasty waves-2017
13)john cougar mellencamp-the kind of fella i am-scarecrow-1985
14)eliot bronson-rollin down a line-james-2017
15)jessica lea mayfield-off my hands-sorry is gone-2017
16)spinning coin-raining on hope street-permo-2017

3rd hour
1)randy newman-it’s a jungle-dark matter-2017
2)paula cole-what a little moonlight can do-ballads-2017
3)chris thile-elephant in the room-thanks for listening-2017
4)gaye & terrell-come on & see me-you’re all i need-1968
5)pezband-baby it’s cold outside-pezband-1977
6)rem-gardening at night-chronic town ep-1982
7)lonely biscuits-never said-the san francisco ep-2017
8)joni mitchell-you turn me on i’m a radio-for the roses-1972
9)son volt-cemetery savior-straightaways-1997
10)glen morrow-when night falls-cry for help-2017
11)chris stapleston-hard livin’-from A room vol 2-2017
12)the kinks-brainwashed-arthur-1969
13)jade jackson-better off-gilded-2017
14)the smithereens-drown in my own tears-green thoughts-1988