Critic’s Choice: December 24, 2017

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)ryan adams-streets of philadelphia-live at rough trade-2017
2)mavis staples-we go high-if all i was was black-2017
3)u2-summer of love-songs of experience-2017
4)rogue & jaye-spider & fly-pent up-2017
5)the smithereens-cigarette-especially for you-1986
6)nick lowe-little hitler-jesus of cool-1978
7)roy orbison-love hurts-a love so beautiful-2017
8)chelsea williams-anything worth saving-boomerang-2017
9)britt daniel-let the distance-home vol iv-2002
10)they might be giants-mammal-apollo 18-1992
11)jade bird-something american-something american ep-2017
12)townes van zandt-snow don’t fall-the late great tvz-1972
13)langhorne slim-life is confusing-lost at last vol 1-2017
14)chet faker-tou don’t treat me-like a version-2017
15)jessica lea mayfield-maybe whatever-sorry is gone-2017
16)spinning coin-metronome river-permo-2017

2nd hour
1)the beatles-things we said today-a hard day’s night-1964
2)cat clyde-the meadow-ivory castanets-2017
3)chris stapleton-tryin to untangle-from A room vol 2-2017
4)bette smith-city in the sky-jetlagger-2017
5)neil diamond-do it-the feel of neil diamond-1966
6)justin t earle-maybe a moment-kids in the street-2017
7)the troggs-with a girl like you-wild thing-1966
8)neko case-lady pilot-blacklisted-2002
9)american high-moon-bones in the attic-2017
10)guided by voices-nothing gets you real-how do you spell-2017
11)samantha fish-no angels-belle of the west-2017
12)james brown-i’ll never never let you go-think-1960
13)jim lauderdale-you came to get me-london southern-2017
14)the molochs-you & me-america’s velvet glory-2017
15)mattiel-baby brother-mattiel-2017

3rd hour
1)elvis costello-this year’s girl-this years model-1978
2)nikki lane-send the sun-highway queen-2017
3)weezer-feels like summer-pacific daydream-2017
4)jenny lewis-handle with care-rabbit fur coat-2006
5)the nerves-hanging on the telephone-the nerves ep-1976
6)beck-square one-colors-2017
7)the jags-back of my hand-evening standards-1980
8)yvonne fair-i found you-1962
9)chris barron-april & may-angels & 1 armed jugglers-2017
10)swingin utters-kick it over-here under protest-2011
11)chris hillman-here she comes again-bidin my time-2017
12)the who-the kids are alright-sings my generation-1965
13)jd mcpherson-let’s get out-undivided heart & soul-2017
14)slade-merry xmas everybody-1973