Critic’s Choice: January 21, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)sam & dave-sleep good tonight-double dynamite-1966
2)darling west better than gold-while i was asleep-2018
3)steep canyon rangers-shenandoah valley-out in the open-2018
4)chelsea williams-six bottles of wine-boomerang-2017
5)the beach boys-lonely sea-surfin’ usa-1963
6)chuck berry-eyes of man-chuck-2017
7)paula cole-i’m old fashioned-ballads-2017
8)jennings & nelson-the year 2003 minus 25-waylon & willie-1978
9)dan auerbach-never in my wildest-dreaming of a song-2017
10)robert francis-flatlining-indian summer-2017
11)rosanne cash-on the insides-1990
12)the feelies-pass the time-in between-2017
13)the beatles-yes it is-b side ticket to ride-1965
14)joshua davis-change the game-the way back home-2017
15)lisa morales-luna negra-luna negra-2017
16)mipso-hallelujah-coming down the mountain-2017

2nd hour
1)the pogues-5 green queens & jean-hell’s ditch-1990
2)mavis staples-who told you that-if all i was was black-2017
3)they might be giants-lie still little bottle-lincoln-1988
4)neko case-night still comes-the worse things get-2013
5)fruition-lonesome prayer-watching it all fall apart-2018
6)deer tick-doomed from the start-deer tick vol 1-2017
7)rolling stones-prodigal son-beggars banquet-1968
8)sherman ewing-prodigal son #22-come & meet me-2018
9)bob mould-see a little light-workbook-1989
10)john oates-stack o lee-arkansas-2018
11)fay gauthier-goodbye-firehead-2017
12)violent femmes-promise-violent femmes-1982
13)rev shawn amos-ain’t gonna name names-breaks it down-2018
14)sufis-another way-after hours-2018
15)mary gauthier-got your six-rifles & rosary beads-2018

3rd hour
1)elvis costello-pretty words-trust-1981
2)neko case-people got a lotta nerve-middle cyclone-2009
3)the decemberists-o valencia-the crane wife-2006
4)eilen jewell-i’m a little mixed up-down hearted blues-2017
5)the yardbirds-he’s always there-roger the engineer-1966
6)u2-the showman-songs of experience-2017
7)old 97’s-you belong to my heart-wreck your life-1995
8)tristen-got some-sneaker waves-2017
9)ringo starr-it don’t come easy-1971
10)the two tens-streetlight-on repeat-2017
11)mt. joy-silver lining-mt. joy-2018
12)rilo kiley-silver lining-under the blacklight-2007
13)jd mcpherson-under the spell-undivided heart & soul-2017
14)the clash-wrong ’em boyo-london calling-1980