Critic’s Choice: January 28, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)tom petty-don’t face on me-wildflowers-1994
2)heather maloney-bullseye-just enough sun ep-2018
3)chris hillman-when i get a little money-bidin’ my time-2017
4)elvis costello-big sister’s clothes-trust-1981
5)steve earle-you broke my heart-so you wannabe an outlaw-2017
6)glen hansard-why woman-between two shores-2018
7)rosanne cash-the truth about you-the wheel-1993
8)deer tick-end of the world-deer tick vol 1-2017
9)david ackles-blues for billywhitecloud-american gothic-1972
10)john oates-my creole belle-arkansas-2018
11)wild child-think it over-expectations-2018
12)george harrison-behind that locked door-all things must pass-1970
13)ed romanoff-without you-the orphan king-2018
14)sherman ewing-shine-come & meet me-2018
15)joanna lee-always on my mind-so free-2017
16)sufis-mercy-after hours-2018

2nd hour
1)queen-who needs you-news of the world-1977
2)hc mcentire-red silo-lionheart-2018
3)steep canyon rangers-out in the open-out in the open-2018
4)staple singers-dock of the bay-soul folk in action-1968
5)porches-leave the house-the house-2018
6)chris stapleton-trying to untangle-from A room vol 2-2017
7)darling west-after my time-while i was asleep-2018
8)neil diamond-desiree-i’m glad you’re here-1977
9)langhorne slim-zombie-lost at last vol 1-2017
10)james hunter 6-i don’t wanna be-whatever it takes-2018
11)emily curtis-battleshade-hindsight ep-2017
12)beach boys-she knows me too well-beach boys today-1965
13)van william-fourth of july-countries-2018
14)thunder body-moonlight over mendocino-solstice-2017
15)sisters-sleepy eyes-wait don’t wait-2017

3rd hour
1)james taylor-don’t talk now-james taylor-1968
2)neko case-stinging velvet-blacklisted-2002
3)ty segall-i’m free-freedom’s goblin-2018
4)the temptations-way over there-sing smokey-1965
5)anderson east-girlfriend-encore-2018
6)talking heads-new feeling-talking heads ’77-1977
7)the safes-disposable outcome-tasty waves-2017
8)10,000 maniacs-poison in the well-blind man’s zoo-1989
9)kyle craft-full circle nightmare-full circle nightmare-2018
10)four tops-what is a man-four tops now-1969
11)wood brothers-one drop of truth-one drop of truth-2018
12)pretenders-tattooed love boys-pretenders-1980
13)rev shawn amos-hold hands-breaks it down-2018
14)the fall-victoria-the frenz experiment-1988