Critic’s Choice: February 4, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year


1st hour

1)elton john-goodbye-madman across the water-1971


3)steep canyon rangers-let me die-out in the open-2018

4)darling west-while i was asleep-while i was asleep-2018

5)the temptations-i’ve been good to you-gettin’ ready-1966

6)arlo guthrie-last to leave-arlo guthrie-1974

7)calexico-girl in the forest-the thread that keeps us-2018

8)cocteau twins-for phoebe still a baby-blue bell knoll-1988

9)kyle craft-the rager-full circle nightmare-2018

10)james taylor-sunny skies-sweet baby james-1970

11)james hunter six-mmhmm-whatever it takes-2018

12)sweet spirit-far from home-saint mojo-2017

13)porches-country-the house-2018

14)joseph tedesco-tightrope-beautiful mystery-2018

15)milk & bone-care-deception bay-2018

16)joshua davis-always going to-the way back home-2017


2nd hour

1)four tops-yesterday’s dreams-yesterday’s dreams-1968

2)chelsea williams-fool’s gold-boomerang-2017

3)chris stapleton-broken halos-from A room vol 1-2017

4)velevt underground-here she comes now-white light white heat-1968

5)ty segall-cry cry cry-freedom’s goblin-2018

6)they might be giants-mrs bluebeard-i like fun-2018

7)gillian welch-lowlands-soul journey-2003

8)talking heads-the good thing-more songs about buildings & food-1978

9)amigo-bless your heart-and friends-2018

10)john oates-lord send me-arkansas-2018

11)bo diddley-crackin’ up-go bo diddley-1959

12)wild child-think it over-expectations-2018

13)simon & garfunkel-why don’t you write me-bridge over troubled water-1970

14)sufis-after hours-after hours-2018

15)soccer mommy-your dog-clean-2018

16)mimicking birds-a part-layers of us-2017


3rd hour

1)beach boys-let him run wild-summer days &summer nights-1965

2)honey child-run with me-honey child-2018

3)glen hansard-roll on slow-between two shores-2018

4)tom petty & h’breakers-kings highway-into the great wide open-1991

5)van william-before i found you-countries-2018

6)rolling stones-before they make me run-some girls-1978

7)born ruffians-miss you-uncle, duke & the chief-2018

8)caroline rose-bikini-loner-2018

9)yardbirds-over under sideways down-roger the engineer-1966


11)anderson east-surrender-encore-2018

12)pretenders-message of love-pretenders II-1981

13)rev shawn amos-we’ve got to come together-breaks it down-2018

14)the kinks-victoria-arthur-1969