Critic’s Choice: February 11, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year


1st hour

1)grant lee phillips-russian doll-widdershins-2018

2)the lowhills-strings-the lowhills-

3)john oates-tha’ll never happen no more-arkansas-2018

4)pretenders-i remember you-get close-1986


6)glen hansard-one of us must lose-between two shores-2018

7)bonnie raitt-thank you-bonnie raitt-1971

8)born ruffians-love too soon-uncle, duke, & the chief-2018

9)iggy pop-moonlight lady-brick by brick-1990

10)chris stapleton-scarecrow in the garden-from A room vol 2-2017

11)sweet spirit-feels today-saint mojo-2017

12)the beach boys-don’t talk-pet sound-1966

13)van william-cosmic sign-countries-2018

14)sufis-take care of yourself-after hours-2018

15)h.c. mcentire-a lamb a dove-lionheart-2018

16)the rubens-same drugs-hoops deluxe-2016


2nd hour

1)neil young-i’ve loved her so long-neil young-1969

2)honey child-sorrows arms-honey child-2018

3)calexico-the town & miss lorraine-the thread that keeps us-2018

4)gillian welch-red clay halo-time the revelator-2001

5)curtis roush-mirage-cosmic campfire music-2018

6)the replacements-talent show-don’t tell a soul-1989

7)i’m with her-I 89-see you around-2018

8)matthew sweet-life without you-altered beast-1993

9)the safes-millionaire-tasty waves-2017

10)james taylor-riding on a railroad-mud slide slim-1971

11)pearl charles-ghost-sleepless dreamer-2018

12)buddy holly-i’m gonna love you too-buddy holly-1958

13)porches-goodbye-the house-2018

14)joseph tedesco-strange road-beautiful mystery-2018

15)donora-fall-sun to me-2017

16)king leg-moaning lisa screaming-meet king leg-2017


3rd hour

1)rev shawn amos-ain’t gonna name names-breaks it down-2018

2)emmylou harris-wheels-elite hotel-1975

3)they might be giants-let’s get this over with-i like fun-2018

4)janiva magness-tell me-love is an army-2018

5)nick lowe-mess around with love-the abominable showman-1983

6)talking heads-paper-fear of music-1979

7)mavis staples-don’t cry-livin’ on a high note-2016

8)the lemonheads-if i could talk-car button cloth-1996

9)langhorne slim-bluebird-lost at last vol 1-2017

10)elvis presley-such a night-elvis is back-1960

11)james hunter six-i got eyes-whatever it takes-2018

12)danielle duval-lose it-lose it-2018

13)the posies-my big mouth-dear 23-1990

14)jason isbell-hope the high road-the nashville sound-2017