Critic’s Choice: February 25, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)calexico-music box-the thread that keeps us-2018
2)aretha franklin-angel-hey now hey-1973
3)john oates-spike driver blues-arkansas-2018
4)rosie & the riveters-good to me-ms. behave-2018
5)roky erickson-i have always been here before-sponge-1977
6)van william-the middle-countries-2018
7)kim richey-the get together-edgeland-2018
8)simon & garfunkel-wed morning 3am-wed morning 3am-1964
9)langhorne slim-life is confusing-lost at last vol 1-2017
10)steve martin & scr-nights in the lab-the long awaited lp-2017
11)brandi carlile-the mother-by the way i forgive you-2018
12)the beatles-here there & everywhere-revolver-1966
13)chris smither-she said she said-call me lucky-2018
14)rod picott-better than i did-out past the wires-2018
15)mattiel-cass tech-mattiel-2017
16)darlingside-old friend-extralife-2018

2nd hour
1)they might be giants-push back the hands-i like fun-2018
2)pretenders-i go to sleep-pretenders II-1981
3)james taylor-mexico-gorilla-1975
4)margo price-a little pain-all american made-2017
5)james hunter six-whatever it takes-whatever it takes-2018
6)beach boys-’til i die-surf’s up-1971
7)chris hillman-bidin’ my time-bidin’ my time-2017
8)ella fitzgerald-darn that dream-ella swings gently-1962
9)grant lee phillips-king of catastrophes-widdershins-2018
10)steep canyon rangers-out in the open-out in the open-2018
11)concrete blonde-darkening of the light-bloodletting-1990
12)quiet hands-emperors-characteristics of living things-2018
13)the kinks-alcohol-muswell hillbillies-1971
14)sufis-one of a kind-after hours-2018
15)screaming females-drop by drop-all at once-2018
16)rhye-feel your weight-blood-2018

3rd hour
1)ryan adams-firecracker-gold-2001
2)staple singers-i can’t help from cryin-this little light-1964
3)ty segall-i’m free-freedom’s goblin-2018
4)emmylou harris-feelin single seein double-elite hotel-1975
5)los lobos-angel dance-the neighborhood-1990
6)brinsley schwarz-what’s so funny bout-the new favourites of-1974
7)born ruffians-ring that bell-uncle, duke & the chief-2018
8)belle & sebastian-the same star-how to solve our-2018
9)bruce springsteen-the ties that bind-the river-1980
10)the safes-i wish i could help you-tasty waves-2017
11)buffalo tom-roman cars-quiet & please-2018
12)elvis costello-pony st.-brutal youth-1994
13)citizen kay-for me-belly of the beast-2017
14)t petty & h’breakers-kings road-hard promises-1981