Critic’s Choice: March 11, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)vance joy-call if you need me-nation of two-2018
2)pretenders-thin line between love & hate-learning to crawl-1984
3)belle & sebastian-there is an everlasting song-how to solve-2018
4)rosie & the riveters-i wanna do nothing-ms. behave-2018
5)guster-ramona-keep it together-2003
6)beach boys-your summer dream-surfer girl-1963
7)honey child-run with me-honey child-2018
8)oasis-she is love-heathen chemistry-2002
9)john martinez-everything tastes better-san antonio woman-2017
10)james hunter six-show her-whatever it takes-2018
11)ella fitzgerald-they can’t take that-sings the gershwin songbook-1959
12)low anthem-give my body back-the salt doll-2018
13)mink deville-you just keep holding on-le chat bleu-1980
14)traveling john-stars-someday ep-2018
15)fay gauthier-goodbye-firehead-2018
16)scr-shenandoah valley-out in the open-2018

2nd hour
1)nick lowe-time wounds all heels-the abominable showman-1983
2)the mammals-lilac breeze-sunshiner-2018
3)sloan-right to roam-12-2018
4)courtney jaye-every time we say goodbye-love & forgiveness-2012
5)oak ridge boys-god’s got it-17th ave revival-2018
6)rolling stones-play with fire-out of our heads-1965
7)josh rouse-i’m your man-love in the modern age-2018
8)johnny cash-lately i been leanin toward the blues-silver-1979
9)django django-fountains-marble skies-2018
10)they might be giants-mccaffert’s bib-i like fun-2018
11)john hiatt-girl on a string-riding with the king-1983
12)darling west-after my time-while i was asleep-2018
13)faces-glad & sorry-ooh la la-1973
14)rod picott-store bought-out past  the wires-2018
15)mattiel-silver pill box-mattiel-2018
16)jimmy accardi-next in line for the blues-blues monster-2018

3rd hour
1)james taylor-steamroller-sweet baby james-1970
2)tracey thorn-guitar-record-2018
3)anderson east-surrender-encore-2018
4)pj harvey-down by the water-to bring you my love-1995
5)lou reed-i love you suzanne-new sensations-1984
6)ryan adams-hallelujah-demolition-2002
7)the breeders-all nerve-all nerve-2018
8)sly & the family stone-advice-a whole new thing-1967
9)liza anne-small talks-fine but dying-2018
10)the connells-scotty’s lament-boylan heights-1987
11)shakey graves-kids these days-can’t wake up-2018
12)hole-heaven tonight-celebrity skin-1998
13)the strypes-consequence-spitting image-2017
14)rem-1,000,000-chronic town-1982