Critic’s Choice: April 8, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year


1st hour

1)glen hansard-one of us must lose-between two shores-2018

2)bonnie raitt-louise-sweet forgiveness-1977

3)blackberry smoke-mother mountain-find a light-2018

4)frankie cosmos-i’m fried-vessel-2018

5)the beatles-i’ll follow the sun-beatles for sale-1964

6)father john misty-mr. tillman-2018

7)rosie & the riveters-good to me-ms. behave-2018

8)elvis costello-last boat leaving-spike-1989

9)joshua hedley-weird thought thinker-mr. jukebox-2018

10)john prine-i have met my love-the tree of forgiveness-2018

11)nick cave-west country girl-the boatman’s call-1997

12)jillette johnson-holiday-all i ever see in you is me-2017

13)nathaniel rateliff-say it louder-tearing at the seams-2018

14)ed romanoff-without you-the orphan king-2018


16)the rubens-same drugs-hoops deluxe-2016


2nd hour

1)fleetwood mac-save me a place-tusk-1979

2)dead horses-turntable-my mother the moon-2018

3)willie nelson-last man standing-last man standing-2018

4)juliana hatfield-have you never been mellow-sings olivia newton john-2018

5)del fuegos-anything you want-the longest day-1984

6)they might be giants-mrs. bluebeard-i like fun-2018

7)pretenders-never do that-packed-1990

8)charley crockett-sad & blue-lonesome as a shadow-2018

9)miles davis-miles runs the voodoo down-bitches brew-1970

10)josh rouse-i’m your man-love in the modern age-2018

11)james brown-no no no no-1956

12)kacey musgraves-golden hour-golden hour-2018

13)xtc-ten feet tall-drums & wires-1979

14)logan magness-on certain days-memphis on my mind-2018

15)sunflower bean-sinking sands-twentytwo in blue-2018

16)jimmi accardi-i can’t get enough-blues monster-2018


3rd hour

1)the beach boys-a thing or two-wild honey-1967

2)gillian welch-wayside back in time-soul journey-2003

3)the decemberists-your ghost-i’ll be your girl-2018

4)cicada rhythm-out alive-everywhere i go-2018

5)the housemartins-i can’t put my finger-the people who grinned-1987

6)harper & musselwhite-found the one-no mercy in this land-2018

7)the box tops-soul deep-dimensions-1969

8)lucius-something about you-nudes-2018

9)let’s active-every word means no-afoot-1983

10)calexico-end of the world with you-the thread that keeps us-2018

11)drive by truckers-sink hole-decoration day-2003

12)quiet hounds-emperors-characteristics of living things-2017

13)the b 52’s-52 girls-the b 52’s-1979

14)otis redding-treat her right-the soul album-1966