Critic’s Choice: April 15, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year


1st hour

1)uncle tupelo-black eye-march 16-20-1992

2)mary c. carpenter-what does it mean-sometimes just the sky-2018

3)the decemberists-tripping along-i’ll be your girl-2018

4)kacey musgraves-butterflies-golden hour-golden hour-2018

5)rolling stones-she smiled sweetly-between the buttons-1967

6)the beach boys-forever-sunflower-1970

7)jillette johnson-not tonight-all i ever see in you is me-2017

8)billy joel-through the long night-glass houses-1980

9)red wanting blue-glass house-the wanting-2018

10)willie nelson-bad breath-last man standing-2018

11)billy bragg-wishing the days away-talking with the taxman-1986

12)cary ann hearst-dust & bones-dust & bones-2006

13)vance joy-call if you need me-nation of two-2018

14)wally pleasant-helen of troy-plant waves-2004

15)matteil-cass tech-mattiel-2017

16)greyhounds-wmd-cheyenne valley drive-2018


2nd hour

1)fleetwood mac-walk a thin line-tusk-1979

2)cicada rhythm-straight scared-everywhere i go-2018

3)joshua hedley-mr. jukebox-mr. jukebox-2018

4)the shacks-blue & grey-haze-2018

5)blood sweat & tears-sometimes in winter-blood sweat & tears-1969

6)john prine-knockin on your screen-the tree of forgiveness-2018

7)belle & sebastian-best friend-how to solve our human problems-2018

8)bob dylan-tonight i’ll be staying here-nashville skyline-1969

9)sloan-right to roam-12-2018

10)the aces-bad love-when my heart felt volcanic-2018

11)rev horton heat-that’s showbiz-it’s martini time-1996

12)oak ridge boys-god’s got it-17th ave revival-2018

13)the jam-tonight at noon-this is the modern world-1977

14)sufis-after hours-after hours-2018

15)rosie & the riveters-la boheme-ms. behave-2018


3rd hour

1)james taylor-honey don’t leave la-jt-1977

2)juliana hatfield-i honestly love you-sings olivia newton john-2018

3)harper & musselwhite-movin’ on-no mercy in this land-2018

4)the pandoras-dark november-hey it’s the pandoras-2018

5)the who-so sad about us-a quick one-1966

6)jimi hendrix-may this be love-are you experienced-1967

7)frankie cosmos-apathy-vessel-2018

8)men at work-underground-business as usual-1981

9)charley crockett-the sky’d become teardrops-lonesome as a shadow-2018

10)human switchboard-in this town-who’s landing in my hangar-1981

11)guided by voices-ark technician-space gun-2018

12)bonnie raitt-walking blues-bonnie raitt-1971

13)ben wright smith-heavy-a great divorce-2018

14)drive by truckers-two daughters & a beautiful wife-brighter than creation’s dark-2008