Critic’s Choice: May 27, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year


1st hour

1)the beach boys-wonderful-smiley smile-1967
2)nicki bluhm-something really mean-to rise you gotta fall-2018
3)willie nelson-i’ll try to do better-last man standing-2018
4)lake street dive-so long side pony-2016
5)fleetwood mac-the world keep on turning-fleetwood mac-1968
6)bruce springsteen-when you’re alone-tunnel of love-1987
7)jessie baylin-little bird-strawberry wind-2018
8)paul cauthen-in love with a fool-have mercy ep-2018
9)queen-love of my life-a night at the opera-1975
10)drive by truckers-when the sun-american band-2016
11)goodnight moonshine-what we asked-i’m the only one-2018
12)otis redding-i’ve got dreams-dock of the bay sessions-1967
13)cary brothers-everything i say-bruises-2018
14)michael rault-sitting still-it’s a new day tonight-2018
16)brent cobb-lorene-providence canyon-2018

2nd hour

1)madisen ward & mama bear-childhood goodbye-
2)joni mitchell-blonde in the bleachers-for the roses-1972
3)ricky skaggs-i don’t care-waiting for the sun to shine-1981
4)the shacks-blue & grey-haze-2018
5)ziggy marley-rebellion rises-rebellion rises-2018
6)john mellencamp-them double blues-forever words-2018
7)dinah washington-a slick chick on the mellow side-1946
8)ike reilly-don’t turn your back-crooked love-2018
9)the beatles-tell me what you see-help-1965
10)stephen malkmus-brethren-sparkle head-2018
11)talking heads-give me back my name-little creatures-1985
12)charley crockett-if not the fool-lonesome as a shadow-2018
13)barenaked ladies-hello city-gordon-1992
14)phil cook-he gives us all-people are my drug-2018
15)mattiel-silver pill box-mattiel-2017
16)johnny irion-driving friend-driving friend-2018

3rd hour

1)the jam-it’s too bad-all mod cons-1978
2)kelly willis-modern world-back being blue-2018
3)parker millsap-fine line-other arrangements-2018
4)jazzmeia horn-i remember you-a social call-2017
5)meat puppets-this day-forbidden places-1991
6)they might be giants-the bright side-i like fun-2018
7)the byrds-artificial energy-the notorious byrd brothers-1968
8)belly-army of clay-dove-2018
9)u2-into the heart-boy-1980
10)the local-over-reverie-2018
11)eli p reed-walkin & talkin-meets high & mighty brass band-2018
12)x-white girl-wild gift-1981
14pavement-gold soundz-crooked rain crooked rain-1994