Critic’s Choice: June 10, 2018

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year


1st hour

1)johnny thunders-you can’t put your arms around a memory-hurt me-1983

2)del mccoury band-letters have no arms-still sings bluegrass-2018

3)jack white-what’s done is done-boarding house reach-2018

4)tami neilson-one thought of you-sassafrass-2018

5)ray charles-moonlight in vermont-the genius hits the road-1960

6)the beach boys-when a man needs a woman-friends-1968

7)goodnight moonshine-lost & found-i’m the only one-2018

8)john lennon-out the blue-mind games-1973

9)van william-cosmic sign-countries-2018

10)charley crockett-lonesome as a shadow-lonesome as a shadow-2018

11)elvis costello-tears before bedtime-imperial bedroom-1982

12)rosie & the riveters-i wanna do nothing-ms. behave-2018

13)otis redding-champagne & wine-dock of the bay sessions-1967

14)albin lee meldau-same boat-about you-2018

15)mipso-my burden with me-coming down the mountain-2017

16)michael rault-dream song-it’s a new day today-2018


2nd hour

1)parker millsap-she-other arrangements-2018

2)the supremes-no matter what sign you are-let the sunshine in-1969

3)ruen brothers-vendetta-all my shades of blue-2018

4)kelly willis-we’ll do it for love-back being blue-2018

5)frank sinatra-i thought about you-songs for swingin’ lovers-1956

6)they might be giants-mrs. bluebear-i like fun-2018

7)elliott smith-ballad of big nothing-either/or-1997

8)carolina story-lay your head down-lay your head down-2018

9)hall & oates-camellia-daryl hall & john oates-1975

10)madisen ward & the mama bear-childhood goodbye-2018

11)rem-can’t get there fromhere-fables of the reconstruction-1985

12)jenny van west-twenty seven dollars-happiness to burn-2018

13)paul mccartney-nobody knows-mccartney II-1980

14)sam lewis-great ideas-loversity-2018

15)dead horses-turntable-my mother the moon-2018

16)the rubens-hoops-hoops-2015


3rd hour

1)amos lee-no more darkness no more light-my new moon-2018

2)carla thomas-baby-carla-1966

3)the lone bellow-can’t be happy for long-walk into a storm-2017

4)lake street dive-baby don’t leave me-free yourself up-2018

5)the rolling stones-mother’s little helper-aftermath-1966

6)willie nelson-don’t tell noah-last man standing-2018

7)fleetwood mac-heroes are hard to find-heroes are hard to find-1974

8)cary brothers-crush-bruises-2018

9)the hasbros-that i know-cart before the horse-2018

10)robyn hitchcock-so you think you’re in love-persplex island-1991

11)father john misty-disappointing diamonds-god’s favorite customer-2018

12)the monkees-she-more of the monkees-1967

13)courtney barnett-help your self-tell me how you really feel-2018

14)the clash-the leader-sandinista-1981