Critic’s Choice Playlist June 17, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)hall & oates-when the morning comes-abadoned luncheonette-1973

2)snail mail-let’s find an out-lush-2018

3)mad caddies-alien 8-punk rock steady-2018

4)kelly willis-what the heart doesn’t know-back being blue-2018

5)fleetwood mac-dust-bare trees-1972

6)beach boys-keep an eye on summer-shut down volume 2-1964

7)jacob banks-part time love-the boy who cried freedom-2018

8)concrete blonde-make me cry-concrete blonde-1986

9)oak ridge boys-brand new star-17th ave revival-2018

10)parker millsap-tell me-other arrangements-2018

11)richard & linda thompson-we sing hallelujah-i want to see the bright lights tonight-1974

12)calexico-the town & miss lorraine-the thread that keeps us-2018

13)todd snider-that was me-songs for the daily planet-1994

14)michael rault-pyramid scheme-it’s a new day tonight-2018


16)don gallardo-stay awhile-still here-2018

2nd hour

1)otis redding-direct me-dock of the bay sessions-1967

2)erin rae-love like before-putting on airs-2018

3)drive by truckers-perfect timing-brighter than creation’s dark-2008

4)goodnight moonshine-looking at forever-i’m the only one who will-2018

5)dr. john-traveling mood-in the right place-1973

6)rem-hyena-life’s rich pageant-1986

7)lera lynn-breakdown-plays well with others-2018

8)the monkees-for pete’s sake-headquarters-1967

9)we are scientists-properties of perception-2018

10)del mccoury-you could be me-still sings bluegrass-2018

11)frank black-headache-teenager of the year-1994

12)tami neilson-bananas-sassafrass-2018

13)lyle lovett-what do you do-and his large band-1989

14)artificial pleasure-you keep me coming back-the bitter end-2018

15)mourn-barcelona city tour-sorpresa familia-2018

16)paul cauthen-everybody walkin this land-have mercy ep-2018

3rd hour

1)smokey robinson & miracles-in case you need love-going to a go go-1965

2)jenny van west-45-happiness to burn-2018

3)ruen brothers-walk like a man-all my shades of blue-2018

4)indigo girls-compromise-live with colorado symphony-2018

5)ray charles-let’s go-genius + soul=jazz-1961

6)the doors-queen of the highway-morrison hotel-1970

7)liz brasher-body of mine-outcast ep-2018

8)outkast-when i look in your eyes-idlewild-2006

9)nichole wagner-dynamite-and the sky caught fire-2018

10)johnny marr-my eternal-call the comet-2018

11)tower of power-after hours-soul side of town-2018

12)the tourists-so good to be back home again-reality effect-1979

13)nathaniel rateliff-baby i lost my way-tearing at the seams-2018

14)tom petty & the heartbreakers-a self made man-let me up-1987