Critic’s Choice Playlist July 1, 2018


playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)harry nilsson-good old desk-aerial ballet-1968
2)tami neilson-a woman’s pain-sassafrass-2018
3)del mccoury-build it up-still sings bluegrass-2018
4)lake street dive-better than-bad self portraits-2014
5)jacob banks-photograph-the boy who cried freedom-2018
6)the beatles-julia-the beatles-1968
7)mt. joy-julia-mt. joy-2018
8)dolly parton-but you know-9 to 5-1980
9)decemberists-i’ll be your girl-i’ll be your girl-2018
10)drive by truckers-checkout time in vegas-brighter than creation’s-2008
11)james hunter six-i should’ve spoke-whatever it takes-2018
12)indigo girls-airplane-rites of passage-1992
13)grant lee phillips-russian doll-widdershins-2018
14)mad caddies-AM-punk rock steady-2018
15)hana vu-how many times-how many times-2018

2nd hour
1)jim lauderdale-time flies-time flies-2018
2)aretha franklin-you’re all i need to get by-1971
3)dawes-mistakes we should have made-passwords-2018
4)valley queen-carolina-supergiant-2018
5)van morrison-river of time-inarticulate speech of the heart-1983
6)paul simon-when numbers get serious-hearts & bones-1983
7)halie loren-how to dismantle a life-from the wild sky-2018
8)the beach boys-little girl-surfin’ safari-1962
9)the orange peels-camera 2-trespassing-2018
10)the donkeys-sun damaged youth-sun damaged youth-2018
11)doris troy-exactly like you-doris troy-1970
12)john oates-lord send me-arkansas-2018
13)elvis presley-stuck on you-1960
14)sufis-another way-after hours-2018
15)erin rae-grand scheme-putting on airs-2018
16)jimmi accardi-i’m a fool-blues monster-2018

3rd hour
1)bob marley & wailers-positive vibration-rastaman vibration-1976
2)nichole wagner-this kind of love-and the sky caught fire-2018
3)ruen brothers-finer things-all my shades of blue-2018
4)billie holiday-i only have eyes for you-solitude-1952
5)rem-mine smell like honey-collapse into now-2011
6)bob dylan-went to see the gypsy-new morning-1970
7)liz brasher-come my way-outcast ep-2018
8)the replacements-happy town-all shook down-1990
9)juliana hatfield-dancin round & round-sings olivia newton john-2018
10)the undertones-get over you-the undertones-1979
11)the record company-i’m getting better-all of this life-2018
12)the sugarcubes-motorcrash-life’s too good-1988
13)calexico-bridge to nowhere-the thread that keeps us-2018
14)the b 52’s-private idaho-wild planet-1980