Critic’s Choice Playlist July 8, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year
1st hour
1)ryan adams-you will always be the same-demolition-2002
2)lake street dive-i can change-free yourself up-2018
3)dawes-stay down-passwords-2018
4)joni mitchell-court & spark-court & spark-1974
5)lowe & edmunds-when will i be loved-1980
6)my morning jacket-just one thing-it still moves-2003
7)rolling stones-lady jane-aftermath-1966
8)nichole wagner-winner take all-and the sky caught fire-2018
9)they might be giants-this microphone-i like fun-2018
10)father john misty-mr tillman- god’s favorite-2018
11)duffy-syrup & honey-rocketry-2008
12)willie nelson-bad breath-last man standing-2018
13)bruce springsteen-johnny 99-nebraska-1982
14)mad caddies-2rak005-punk rock steady-2018
15)jenny van west-empty bowl-happiness to burn-2018
16)field music-open here-open here-2018
2nd hour
1)parker millsap-your water-other arrangements-2018
2)pretenders-let’s make a pact-packed-1990
3)mt. joy-bigfoot-mt. joy-2018
4)parton ronstadt harris-the pain of loving you-trio-1987
5)cary brothers-can’t read your mind-bruises-2018
6)the beach boys-that’s not me-pet sounds-1966
7)the sea the sea-bang bang bang-from the light-2018
8)al green-call me-call me-1973
9)oak ridge boys-pray to jesus-17th ave revival-2018
10)we are scientists-heart is a weapon-megaplex-2018
11)elvis presley-one sided love affair-elvis presley-1956
12)tami neilson-diamond ring-sassafrass-2018
13)tom waits-new coat of paint-the heart of saturday night-1974
14)this wild life-college kids-petaluma-2018
15)hana vu-crying on the subway-how many times-2018
16)rod picott-store bought-out past the wires-2018
3rd hour
1)ruen brothers-motor city-all my shades of blue-2018
2)5th dimension-learn how to fly-up up & away-1967
3)jim lauderdale-where the cars go by fast-time flies-2018
4)10,000 maniacs-cherry tree-in my tribe-1987
5)van morrison-the way young lovers do-astral weeks-1968
6)jim james-better late than never-uniform distortion-2018
7)morrissey-such a little thing-bona drag-1990
8)the interrupters-not personal-fight the good fight-2018
9)creedence clearwater revival-the working man-ccr-1968
10)shakey graves-mansion door-can’t wake up-2018
11)english beat-you’re stuck-here we go again love-2018
12)eddie cochran-somethin’ else-1959
13)willie nile-i defy-children of paradise-2018
14)english beat-mirror in the bathroom-i just can’t stop it-1980