Critic’s Choice Playlist July 16, 2018

playlist goes by artist- song title- lp title- year
1st hour
1)elvis presley-how’s the world treating you-elvis-1956
2)lori mckenna-like patsy would-the tree-2018
3)ray davies-a street called hope-our country-2018
4)liz brasher-remain-outcast ep-2018
5)big star-thirteen-#1 record-1972
6)the smithereens-in a lonely place-especially for you-1986
7)jim lauderdale-slow as molasses-time flies-2018
8)lake street dive-how good it feels-side pony-2016
9)mt. joy-astrovan-mt. joy-2018
10)the jayhawks-need you tonight-back roads-2018
11)nina simone-july tree-i put a spell on you-1965
12)milk carton kids-nothing is real-all the things that i did-2018
13)elvis costello-new amsterdam-get happy-1980
14)ahi-breakin’ ground-in our time-2018
15)red baraat-vibrations-sound the people-2018
16)glorietta-las estrellas-glorietta-2018
2nd hour
1)ruen brothers-caller-all my shades of blue-2018
2)patsy cline-blue moon of kentucky-a portrait of patsy cline-1964
3)shakey graves-big bad wolf-can’t wake up-2018
4)kacey musgraves-golden hour-golden hour-2018
5)johnny nash-stir it up-i can see clearly now-1972
6)jack white-why walk a dog-boarding house reach-2018
7)ella fitzgerald-vote for mr. rhythm-1936
8)the decemberists-cutting stone-i’ll be your girl-2018
9)rod stewart-tomorrow is a long time-every picture tells a story-1971
10)guided by voices-i love kangaroos-spacegun-2018
11)beach boys-girl don’t tell me-summer days & summer nights-1965
12)i’m with her-I 89-see you around-2018
13)english beat-save it for later-special beat service-1982
14)the alarm-crowd trouble-equals-2018
15)mattiel-salty words-mattiel-2017
16)swerve-lose control-dumb romeo-2018
3rd hour
1)harry nilsson-down by the sea-duit on mon dei-1975
2)tami neilson-miss jones-sassafrass-2018
3)d holcomb & johnny swim-ring the bells-goodbye road-2018
4)van morrison-ro ro rosey-blowin your mind-1967
5)we are scientists-one in one out-megaplex-2018
6)bruce springsteen-jackson cage-the river-1980
7)hot buttered rum-never got married-lonesome panoramic-2018
8)the b 52s-6060 842-the b 52s-1979
9)the donkeys-we are all so young-sun damaged youth-2018
10)the pogues-the sunny side if the street-hells ditch-1990
11)squirrel nut zippers-lover’s lane-the inevitable-1995
12)creedence clearwater revival-bootleg-bayou country-1969
13)mikaela davis-get gone-delivery-2018
14)ramones-i remember you-leave home-1977