Critic’s Choice Playlist August 5, 2018

Critic's Choice the bridge
Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)the who-blue red & grey-the who by numbers-1975
2)becca smith-couple’s fight-I 26-2018
3)face to face-ordinary-hold fast-2018
4)belly-starry eyed-dove-2018
5)buddy holly-look at me-buddy holly-1958
6)john lennon-look at me-plastic ono band-1970
7)the suffers-all i want to do-everything here-2018
8)the replacements-androgynous-let it be-1984
9)guardians of the saltwater culture-bohicket water-guardians of the saltwater culture-2018
10)ray davies-the empty room-our country-2018
11)ziggy marley-high on life-rebellion rises-2018
12)kd lang-sugar moon-shadowland-1988
13)mt. joy-jenny jenkins-mt. joy-2018
14)grimskunk-starlight-unreason in the age of madness-2018
15)luluc-moon girl-sculptor-2018
16)michael rault-dream song-it’s a new day tonight-2018
2nd hour
1)john prine-knockin on your screen door-the tree of forgiveness-2018
2)squirrel nut zippers-club limbo-the inevitable-1995
3)richard thompson-trying-13 rivers-2018
4)neko case-last lion of albion-hell on-2018
5)they might be giants-i’ve got a match-lincoln-1988
6)yorn & johansson-cigarillo-apart ep-2018
7)the beatles-martha my dear-the beatles-1968
8)amanda shires-swimmer-to the sunset-2018
9)the donkeys-sun damaged youth-sun damaged youth-2018
10)jim lauderdale-while you’re hoping-time flies-2018
11)the war & treaty-are you ready to love me-healing tide-2018
12)the velvet underground-cool it down-loaded-1970
13)jackie greene-women & the rain-the modern lives vol 2-2018
14)mountain hearts-your love won’t let me go-soul searching-2018
15)birds of chicago-never go back-love in wartime-2018
16)artificial pleasure-you keep me-the bitter end-2018
3rd hour
1)lemonheads-confetti-it’s a shame about ray-1992
2)pearl charles-all the boys-sleepless dreamer-2018
3)todd snider-37206-eastside bulldog-2016
4)go go’s-i’m with you-talk show-1984
5)the march divide-i’ve got mine-anticipation pops-2018
6)the decemberists-your ghost-i’ll be your girl-2018
7)the animals-i’m crying-1964
8)ruby velle & soulphonics-broken woman-state of all things-2018
9)hoodoo gurs-i want you back-stoneage romeos-1984
10)father john misty-date night-god’s favorite customer-2018
11)lucero-for the lonely ones-among the ghosts-2018
12)that petrol emotion-it’s a good thing-manic pop thrill-1986
13)lake street dive-baby don’t leave me-free yourself up-2018
14)drivin n cryin-great american bubble factory-great american bubble factory-2009