The Critic’s Choice Playlist September 16, 2018

1st hour
1)willie nelson-i’ll be around-my way-2018
2)rachel garlin-phillip roth song-hello again ep-2018
3)iron & wine-what hurts worse-weed garden ep-2018
4)lori mckenna-like patsy would-the tree-2018
5)the babe rainbow-gladly-double rainbow-2018
6)ben folds-gracie-songs for silverman-2005
7)aretha franklin-border song-young gifted 7 black-1972
8)trampled by turtles-i went to hollywood-life is good on the open road-2018
9)paul mccartney-happy with you-egypt station-2018
10)kim richey-the get together-edgeland-2018
11)the replacements-rock n roll ghost-don’t tell a soul-1989
12)thrice-my soul-palms-2018
13)roy orbison-blue angel-lonely & blue-1961
14)brother brothers-red & gold-some people i know-2018
15)jessie anderson-coffee-jessie anderson-2018
16)quiet hounds-time gone-characteristics of living things-2018
2nd hour
1)willie nelson-me & you-last man standing-2018
2)estee-nature-in the dream singles ep-2018
3)squirrel nut zippers-soon-perennial favorites-1998
4)amy helm-the stones i throw-this too shall light-2018
5)richard thompson-trying-13 rivers-2018
6)they might be giants-mccafferty’s bib-i like fun-2018
7)the war & treaty-are you ready to love me-healing tide-2018
8)pete townshend-and i moved-empty glass-1980
9)bob dylan-million dollar bash-the basement tapes-1975
10)rosie & the riveters-ask a man-ms. behave-2018
11)march divide-overexposure-anticipation pops-2018
12)lyle lovett-no big deal-it’s not big it’s large-2007
13)ike reilly-long dreadful time-crooked love-2018
14)skegss-road trip-my own mess-2018
15)new reveille-babylon-the keep-2018
16)michael rault-new day tonight-it’s a new day tonight-2018
3rd hour
1)bob dylan-mozambique-desire-1976
2)becca smith-shark song-I 26-2018
3)asleep at the wheel-pencil full of lead-new routes-2018
4)jazzmeia horn-tight-a social call-2017
5)elvis costello-the loved ones-imperial bedroom-1982
6)the kinks-rosie won’t you please come home-face to face-1966
7)frankie cosmos-apathy-vessel-2018
8)the smithereens-green thoughts-green thoughts-1988
9)steve forbert-diamond sky-the magic tree-2018
10)juliana hatfield-xanadu-sings olivia newton john-2018
11)elo-queen of the hours-no answer-1971
12)death cab for cutie-near far-thank you for today-2018
13)belly-army of clay-dove-2018
14)wilco-outta mind outta sight-being there-1996