Critic’s Choice Playlist September 23, 2018

1st hour
1)paul mccartney-here today-tug of war-1982
2)ashley monroe-keys to the kingdom-sparrow-2018
3)iron & wine-autumn town leaves-weed garden ep-2018
4)squirrel nut zippers-meant to be-hot-1996
5)ruston kelly-jericho-dying star-2018
6)lyle lovett-they don’t like me-i love everybody-1994
7)rachel garlin-hey garrett-hello again-2018
8)jacob reese thornton-bombs away-different times-2018
9)john hiatt-hide your tears-the eclipse sessions-2018
10)the goon sax-we can’t win-we’re not talking-2018
11)phil ochs-what’s that i hear-all the news that’s fit to sing-1964
12)trampled by turtles-right back where we started-life is good on the open road-2018
13)bob dylan-never gonna be the same again-empire burlesque-1985
14)ural thomas & the pain-gotta say-the right time-2018
15)jessie anderson-monet-jessie anderson ep-2018
16)the babe rainbow-cool cat vibe-double rainbow-2018
2nd hour
1)simon & garfunkel-blessed-sounds of silence-1966
2)brandi & the alexanders-pulling me down-how do you like it-2018
3)willie nelson-fly me to the moon-my way-2018
4)park 88-soul like a flower-the fearlessness-2018
5)los lobos-run away with you-this time-1999
6)george harrison-if not for you-all things must pass-1970
7)amanda shires-swimmer-to the sunset-2018
8)face to face-don’t turn away-hold fast-2018
9)paul mccartney-back in brazil-egypt station-2018
10)mandy barnett-it’s all right-strange conversation-2018
11)the replacements-swingin party-tim-1985
12)james supercave-come alone-2018
13)rolling stones-she’s a rainbow-their satanic majesties request-1967
14)skeggs-midnight eyes-my own mess-2018
15)new reveille-sandy rowe-the keep-2018
16)greg hawks-i hope i never know-i think it’s time-2018
3rd hour
1)pet shop boys-i wouldn’t normally do this  kind of thing-very-1993
2)tami neilson-devil in a dress-sassafrass-2018
3)talking heads-uh oh love comes to town-talking heads ’77-1977
4)estee-nature-in the dream-2018
5)adam hood-keeping me here-somewhere in between-2018
6)wilco-someday soon-being there-1996
7)jessie baylin-supermoon-strawberry wind-2018
8)lowray-waiting for you-friends & the fakers-2018
9)asleep at the wheel-seven nights to rock-new routes-2018
10)go go’s-skidmarks on my heart-beauty & the beat-1981
11)autogramm-jessica don’t like rock n roll-what r u waiting 4-2018
12)lucero-for the lonely ones-among the ghosts-2018
13)valley queen-supergiant-supergiant-2018
14)the jam-town called malice-the gift-1982