Critic’s Choice Playlist October 7, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)bob dylan-talkin’ new york-bob dylan-1962
2)molly burch-dangerous place-first flower-2018
3)willie nelson-summer wind-my way-2018
4)belly-starry eyed-dove-2018
5)belle & sebastian-there is an everlasting song-how to solve-2018
6)ray davies-a street called hope-our country-2018
7)ashleigh flynn-shrouded sun-ashleigh flynn & the riveters-2018
8)al green-your love is like the morning sun-call me-1973
9)lyle lovett-i can’t love you anymore-the road to ensenada-1996
10)rosie & the riveters-i wanna do nothing-ms behave-2018
11)bird streets-pretty bones-bird streets-2018
12)rev peyton’s big damn band-church clothes-poor until payday-2018
13)simon & garfunkel-cloudy-parsley sage rosemary & thyme-1966
14)jorge calderon-alicia-blue rhythm-highway-2018
15)rachel coba-good ole heartbreak-blink-2018
16)ural thomas & the pain-vibrations-the right time-2018
2nd hour
1)bob dylan-corrina corrina-the freewheelin’ bob dylan-1963
2)mikaela davis-a letter that i’ll never send-delivery-2018
3)tom petty-to find a friend-wildflowers-1994
4)tami neilson-bananas-sassafrass-2018
5)jefferson airplane-it’s no secret-takes off-1966
6)elvis costello-less than zero-my aim is true-1977
7)squirrel nut zippers-evening at lafitte’s-perennial favorites-1998
8)sloan-right to roam-12-2018
10)the beatles-i need you-help-1965
11)joyce manor-wildflowers-million dollars to kill me-2018
12)jump little children-euphoria designed-sparrow-2018
13)cake-stickshifts & safety belts-fashion nugget-1996
14)sha la das-do what-love in the wind-2018
15)sarah borges & broken singles-lucky rocks-love’s middle name-2018
16)the donkeys-unusual-sun damaged youth-2018
3rd hour
1)ruen brothers-motor city-all my shades of blue-2018
2)aretha franklin-the house that jack built-1968
3)lyle lovett-cowboy man-lyle lovett-1986
4)swearin’-margaret-fall into the sun-2018
5)buffalo tom-roman cars-quiet & peace-2018
6)the police-it’s alright for you-reggatta de blanc-1979
7)mandy barnett-the fool-strange conversation-2018
8)cary brothers-crush-bruises-2018
9)the happy fits-so alright cool whatever-concentrate-2018
10)etta james-pushover-etta james top ten-1963
11)the feelies-the final word-only life-1988
12)johnnyswim & drew holcomb-ring the bells-goodbye road-2018
13)echo & the bunnymen-heads will roll-porcupine-1983
14)alkaline trio-stay-is this thing cursed-2018