The Critic’s Choice Playlist, October 14, 2018

Critic's Choice the bridge
Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)bob dylan-one too many mornings-the times they are a changin’-1964
2)cat power-robbin hood-wanderer-2018
3)mumford & sons-timshel-sigh no more-2009
4)goodnight moonshine-bowie-i’m the only one-2018
5)poco-honky tonk downstarirs-poco-1970
6)the beatles-here there & everywhere-revolver-1966
7)ruby velle & soulphonics-used me again-state of all things-2018
8)beck-fix me-colors-2017
9)elvis costello-don’t look now-look now-2018
10)erin costelo-lights down low-sweet marie-2018
11)parker millsap-singing to me-other arrangements-2018
12)lyle lovett-working too hard-my baby don’t tolerate-2003
13)jeremy loops-freak-critical as water-2018
14)ural thomas & the pain-time-the right time-2018
15)rachelle coba-you stole my heart-blink-2018
2nd hour
1)willie nelson-blue moon-my way-2018
2)aretha franklin-pitiful-soul ’69-1969
3)jason isbell & 400 unit-24 frames-live from the ryman-2018
4)molly burch-candy-first flower-2018
5)soul coughing-soft serve-irresistible bliss-1996
6)death cab for cutie-i dreamt we spoke again-thank you for today-2018
7)the shacks-blue & grey-haze-2018
8)glen campbell-everybody’s talkin’-adios-2017
9)bird streets-thanks for calling-bird streets-2018
10)amanda shires-mirror mirror-to the sunset-2018
11)the beach boys-i know there’s an answer-pet sounds-1966
12)ray davies-back in the day-our country-2018
13)big star-you get what you deserve-radio city-1974
14)matt maeson-hallucinogenics-who killed matt maeson-2018
15)madeleine kenney-no weekend-perfect shapes-2018
16)calvin johnson-why you crying-a wonderful beast-2018
3rd hour
1)the march divide-i got mine-anticipation pops-2018
2)sarah vaughan-ooh whatcha doin to me-in hi fi-1955
3)richard thompson-pride-13 rivers-2018
4)lissie-best days-castles-2018
5)neil young-what did you do to my life-neil young-1969
6)they might be giants-let’s get this over with-i like fun-2018
7)juanita stein-fast lane-until the lights fade-2018
8)jefferson airplane-plastic fantastic lover- surrealistic pillow-1967
9)adam’s house cat-down on me-town burned down-1990
10)pale waves-one more time-my mind makes noises-2018
11)minutemen-take our test-project mersh-1985
12)cordovas-talk to me-that sante fe channel-2018
13)sister sparrow-gold-gold-2018
14)elvis costello-you belong to me-this years model-1978