Critic’s Choice Playlist October 21, 2018

The Critic's Choice | The Bridge at 105.5 Charleston
The Critic's Choice | The Bridge at 105.5 Charleston

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)prince-crazy you-for you-1978
2)i’m with her-crescent city-see you around-2018
3)paul simon-can’t run but-in the blue light-2018
4)molly burch-next to me-first flower-2018
5)bob dylan-spanish harlem incident-another side of bob dylan-1964
6)paul simon-born at the right time-the rhythm of the saints-1990
7)jessie baylin-same old tune-strawberry wind-2018
8)john denver-yellow cat-rhymes & reasons-1969
9)atmosphere-earring-mi vida local-2018
10)nichole wagner-winner take all-and the sky caught fire-2018
11)paul westerberg-it’s a wonderful lie-suicaine gratifaction-1999
12)milk carton kids-nothing is real-all the things that i did-2018
13)desmond dekker & the aces-israelites-the israelites-1969
14)greg hawks-things i did not say-i think it’s time-2018
15)shannen moser-every town-i’ll sing-2018
16)colter wall-tying knots in the devil’s tail-songs of the plains-2018
2nd hour
1)jeremy loops-gold-critical as water-2018
2)waits & midler-i never talk to strangers-foreign affairs-1977
3)kurt vile-rollin’ with the flow-bottle it in-2018
4)flack & hathaway-where is the love-roberta flack & donny hathaway-1972
5)ruen brothers-strangers-all my shades of blue-2018
6)the beatles-wait-rubber soul-1965
7)the war & treaty-jeep cherokee laredo-healing tide-2018
8)ike reilly-don’t turn your back-crooked love-2018
9)willie nelson-she made my day-last man standing-2018
10)erin costelo-introducing sweet marie-sweet marie-2018
11)dave brubeck quartet-unsquare dance-time further out-1961
12)cordovas-standin’ on the porch-that sante fe channel-2018
13)galaxie 500-victory garden-blue thunder-1989
14)boy pablo-losing you-soy pablo-2018
15)frauds-nobody-silence ep-2018
16)ural thomas & the pain-the right time-the right time-2018
3rd hour
1)elvis costello-dishonor the stars-look now-2018
2)mamas & papas-twelve thirty-papas & mamas-1968
3)willie nelson-night & day-my way-2018
4)dusty springfield-don’t forget about me-dusty in memphis-1969
5)billy joel-los angelenos-streetlife serenade-1974
6)bob dylan-from a buick 6-highway 61 revisited-1965
7)jazzmeia horn-up above my head-a social call-2017
8)steve earle-the devil’s right hand-copperhead road-1988
9)bird streets-carry me-bird streets-2018
10)pale waves-kiss-my mind makes noises-2018
11)the byrds-king apathy III-dr. byrds & mr. hyde-1969
12)justin pierre-i don’t know why she ran away-in the drink-2018
13)sister sparrow-ghost-gold-2018
14)elvis costello-senior service-armed forces-1979