The Critic’s Playlist November 4, 2018

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)beach boys-a young man is gone-little deuce coup-2018
2)goodnight moonshine-lost & found-i’m the only one-2018
3)paul kelly-morning storm-nature-2018
4)amanda shires-charms-to the sunset-2018
5)billy bragg-little time bomb-workers playtime-2018
6)the byrds-ballad of easy rider-ballad of easy rider-1969
7)rachel garlin-phillip roth song-hello again ep-2018
8)james hunter six-it was gonna be you-whatever it takes-2018
9)lyle lovett-moon on my shoulder-i love everybody-1994
10)rosie & the riveters-life is good today-ms. behave-2018
11)calexico-girl in the forest-the thread that keeps us-2018
12)ray davies-calling home-our country-2018
13)bob dylan-alberta #1-self portrait-1970
14)ruston kelly-jericho-dying star-2018
15)alexis harte-minor birds-briefcase ep-2018
16)brother brothers-red & gold-some people i know-2018
2nd hour
1)elvis costello-why won’t heaven help me-look now-2018
2)emmylou harris-cajun born-1975
3)j mascis-give it off-elastic days-2018
4)rosanne cash-she remembers everything-she remembers everything-2018
5)the slickers-johnny too bad-the harder they come-1972
6)elo-latitude 88 north-out of the blue-1977
7)juliana hatfield-hopelessly devoted to you-sings olivia newton john-2018
8)hiss golden messenger-drummer down-poor moon-2012
9)willie nelson-what is this thing called love-my way-2018
10)husky loops-everyone i run-spool ep-2018
11)face to face-bill of goods-hold fasr-2028
12)bob dylan-you’re gonna make me lonesome-blood on the tracks-1974
13)velvet starlings-i’ll be there-borrowed time-2018
14)part time-the boys that make her cry-spell #6-2018
15)sister sparrow-leave here with me-gold-2018
16)cullen omori-last line-the doet-2018
3rd hour
1)big star-thank you friends-third-1975
2)the devil’s daughters-when will i be loved-revelations ep-2018
3)jared petteys & the headliners-pistol packin’ mama-2018
5)jesse malin-almost grown-the fine art of self destruction-2002
6)los lobos-short side of nothing-kiko-1992
7)halie loren-how to dismantle a life-from the wild sky-2018
8)the despots-one night of sin-the despots-2018
9)peter bjorn & john-one for the team-darker days-2018
10)molly burch-true love-first flower-2018
11)the kernal-knock kneed ballerina-light country-2017
12)beau & the burners-motor kings-2014
13)frankie cosmos-bus bus train train-vessel-2018
14)the replacements-kiss me on the bus-tim-1985