The Critic’s Choice Playlist November 25, 2018

Critic's Choice the bridge
Critic's Choice the bridge
1st hour
1)mike doughty-white lexus-haughty melodic-2005
2)goodnight moonshine-what we asked for-i’m the only one-2018
3)rhett miller-you were a stranger-the messenger-2018
4)norah jones-those sweet words-feels like home-2004
5)townes van zandt-to live is to fly-high low & in between-1971
6)the smithereens-ruler of my heart-the smithereens covers-2018
7)rachel garlin-the days are long-hello again-2018
8)gordon lightfoot-somewhere usa-sundown-1974
9)hayes carll-none ‘ya-what it is-2019
10)the greeting committee-birthday song-this is it-2018
11)ray davies-the empty room-our country-2018
12)the blessing business-forever-surrender-2018
13)neil diamond-i think it’s gonna rain today-stones-1971
14)dan mangan-lay low-more or less-2018
15)the good sax-we can’t win-we’re not talking-2018
16)field music-front of house-open here-2018
2nd hour
1)lou reed-goodnight ladies-transformer-1972
2)vanessa peters-before it falls apart-foxhole prayers-2018
3)the monkees-house of broken gingerbread-christmas party-2018
4)molly burch-candy-first flower-2018
5)uncle tupelo-screen door-no depression-1990
6)neil young-coastline-hawks & doves-1980
7)billie holiday-i’m a fool to want you-lady in satin-1958
8)paddlefish-watch-spill me-2018
9)echo & the bunnymen-stars are stars-the stars the oceans & the moon-2018
10)rosie & the riveters-ask a man-ms. behave-2018
11)roy orbison & rpo-blue bayou-unchained melodies-2018
12)smashing pumpkins-with sympathy-shiny & oh so bright-2018
13)the gibson brothers-so much love in my baby’s eyes-mockingbird-2018
14)cullen omori-last line-the diet-2018
15)cicada rhythm-straight scared-everywhere i go-2018
3rd hour
1)johnny cash-solitary man-american III-2000
2)frankie cosmos-duet-vessel-2018
3)j mascis-see you at the movies-elastic days-2018
4)nichole wagner-this kind of love-and the sky caught fire-2018
5)elvis costello-the big light-king of america-1986
6)rem-letter never sent-reckoning-1984
7)liz brasher-come my way-outcast ep-2018
8)the rolling stones-grown up wrong-12 x 5-1964
9)drivin’ n’ cryin’-house for sale-mystery road-1989
10)jessie baylin-supermoon-strawberry wind-2018
11)the doors-wild child-the soft parade-1969
12)charles bradley-can’t fight the feeling-black velvet-2018
13)kacey chambers-velvet elvis-golden hour-2018
14)paul westerberg-waiting for somebody-singles soundtrack-1992