The Critic’s Choice Playlist 121618

1st hour

1)the kingston trio-scotch & soda-the kingston trio-1958
2)emma rosenkranz-captive-first sessions-2018
3)rhett miller-i can’t change-the messenger-2018
4)jenny lewis-melt your heart-rabbit fur coat-2006
5)lindsey buckingham-say we’ll meet again-out of the cradle-1992
6)elvis presley-the thrill of your love-elvis is back-1960
7)neko case-furnace room lullaby-furnace room lullaby-2000
8)foxwarren-i’ll be alright-foxwarren-2018
9)bill wilson-stand up-stand up-2018
10)katie henry-high road-high road-2018
11)yo la tengo-you tore me down-fakebook-1990
12)j mascis-elastic days-elastic days-2018
13)the beach boys-country air-wild honey-1967
14)frank scafuri-a small town christmas-2018
16)the babe rainbow-gladly-double rainbow-2018
2nd hour
1)peter paul & mary-early in the morning-peter paul & mary-1962
2)mikaela davis- a letter that i’ll never send-delivery-2018
3)the good the bad & the queen-drifters & travelers-merrie land-2018
4)ross & gaye- my mistake- diana & marvin-1973
5)rodney crowell-christmas makes me sad-christmas everywhere-2018
6)the beatles-i’m so tired- the beatles-1968
7)estee-blind-in the dream-2018
8)neil young-unknown legend-harvest moon-1992
9)willie nelson-fly me to the moon-my way-2018
10)belle & sebastian-best friend-how to solve our human problems-2018
11)stevie wonder-girl blue-music of my mind-1972
12)jump little children-euphoria designed-sparrow-2018
13)tom petty & heartbreakers-you & me-the last dj-2002
14)susto-homeboy-ever since i lost my mind-2019
15)la luz-walking into the sun-floating features-2018
16)elle belle-the witch is burning-no signal-2018
3rd hour
1)roy orbison-the crowd-unchained melodies-2018
2)pale waves-kiss-my mind makes noises-2018
3)jd mcpherson-hey skinny santa-socks-2018
4)greeting committee-is this it-this is it-2018
5)prince-and god created woman-love symbol-1992
6)lindsey buckingham-illumination-seeds we sow-2011
7)amanda shires-when you’re gone-my piece of land-2016
8)inxs-good + bad times-listen like thieves-1985
9)echo & the bunnymen-angels & devils-the stars the oceans & the moon-2018
10)the mamas & the papas-twist & shout-deliver-1967
11)wayne hancock-divorce me c.o.d.-slingin’ rhythm-2016
12)the monkees-merry christmas baby-christmas party-2018
13)belly-stars align-dove-2018
14)the knack-your number or your name-get the knack-1979