The Critic’s Choice Playlist 012019

Critic's Choice the bridge
Critic's Choice the bridge

1st hour

1)milk carton kids-nothing is real-all the things that i did-2018
2)dinah washington-that’s all there is to that-what a diff’rence a day makes-1959
3)greensky bluegrass-collateral damage-all for money-2018
4)pretenders-sense of purpose-packed=1990
5)otis redding-pain in my heart-pain in my heart-1964
6)elvis costello-green shirt-armed forces-1979
7)addi mcdaniel-the lacuna-after the news-2019
8)the replacements-rock n’ roll ghost-don’t tell a soul-1989
9)charley crockett-that’s how i got to memphis-lil g.l.’s blue bonanza-2018
10)lily & madeleine-just do it-canterbury girls-2019
11)ray charles-tell me you’ll wait for me-the genius of ray charles-1959
12)nick waterhouse-which was writ-nick waterhouse-2019
13)brian wilson-there’s so many-brian wilson-1988
14)ural thomas & the pain-vibrations-the right time-2018
15)christine & the queens-make some sense-chris-2018
2nd hour
1)tom petty-depending on you-full moon fever-1989
2)sarah vaughan-ev’ry time we say goodbye-after hours-1961
3)robert ellis-when you’re away-texas piano man-2019
4)jessi colter-you mean to say-wanted the outlaws-1976
5)lindsey buckingham-dancin across the usa-vacation sdtrk-1983
6)rolling stones-sittin on a fence-flowers-1967
7)frances cone-arizona-late riser-2019
8)grant lee phillips-king of catastrophes-widdershins-2018
9)will hoge-oh mr barnum-my american dream-2018
10)joni mitchell-free man in paris-court & spark-1974
11)iron & wine-last of your rock n roll heroes-weed garden-2018
12)willie nelson-what is this thing called love-my way-2018
13)sugar-believe what you’re saying-file under easy listening-1994
14)orange peels-camera 2-trespassing-2018
15)part time-boys that make her cry-spell #6-2018
3rd hour
1)the kinks-something better beginning-kinda kinks-1965
2)rebecca loebe-got away-give up your ghosts-2019
3)american high-fairfield, ca-u.n. article-14-2019
4)maggie rogers-overnight-heard in a past life-2019
5)lou reed-underneath the bottle-the blue mask-1982
6)the beatles-you won’t see me-rubber soul-1965
7)sharon van etten-you shadow-remind me tomorrow-2019
8)lowray-friends & the fakers-friends & the fakers-2018
9)jd mcpherson-santa’s got a mean machine-socks-2018
10)neyla pekarek-train-rattlesnake-2019
11)george benson quartet-all of me-george benson cookbook-1966
12)drive by truckers-sink hole-decoration day-2003
13)sasami-not the time-sasami-2019
14)pixies-here comes your man-the purple tape-1987