Critic’s Choice Playlist January 27, 2019

Critic's Choice the bridge
Critic's Choice the bridge
1st hour
1)ray davies-louisiana sky-americana II-2018
2)neko case-we’ve never met-furnace room lullaby-2000
3)seth walker-are you open-are you open-2019
4)rebecca loebe-ghosts-give up your ghosts-2019
5)fleetwood mac-never going back again-rumours-1977
6)rolling stones-she smiled sweetly-between the buttons-1967
7)sneaks-money don’t grow on trees-highway hypnosis-2019
8)tom t. hall-i like beer-i wrote a song about it-1975
9)jd mcpherson-holly carol candy & joy-socks-2018
10)frances cone-unraveling-late riser-2019
11)harry belafonte-jamaica farewell-calypso-1956
12)willie nelson-young at heart-my way-2018
13)pete yorn-just another-musicforthemorningafter-2001
14)toro y moi-monte carlo-outer peace-2019
15)honey child-standing in the shadows-honey child-2018
16)terry klein-anika-tex-2019
2nd hour
1)lindsey buckingham-gone too far-seeds we sow-2011
2)maggie rogers-alaska-heard it in a past life-2019
3)drive by truckers-too much sex-pizza deliverance-1999
4)oh pep-your nail & hammer-i wasn’t only thinking about you-2018
5)elvis costello-why won’t heaven help me-look now-2018
6)billy joel-ain’t no crime-piano man-1973
7)neyla pekarek-better than annie-rattlesnake-2019
8)my morning jacket-they far-the tennessee fire-1999
9)dawes-how far we’ve come-nothing is wrong-2011
11)the cure-catch-kiss me kiss me kiss me-1987
12)rhett miller-did i lose you-the messenger-2018
13)elvis presley-rubberneckin’-change of habit-1969
14)prateek kuhad-for your time-cold mess-2019
3rd hour
1)faces-glad & sorry-ooh la la-1973
2)juliana hatfield-it’s so weird-weird-2019
3)shovels & rope-the wire-by blood-2019
4)violent femmes-nightmares-3-1989
5)the raconteurs-yellow sun-broken boy soldiers-2006
6)the beatles-dig a pony-let it be-1970
7)cheryl deseree-oooh dah dilly dah-dreamy-2018
8)the replacements-i will dare-let it be-1984
9)nick waterhouse-song for winners-nick waterhouse-2019
10)the sundays-summertime-static & silence-1997
11)frank sinatra-brazil-come fly with me-1958
12)guided by voices-wrong turn on-zeppelin over china-2019
13)carsie blanton-moustache-buck up-2019
14)pixies-la la love you-doolittle-1989