Critic’s Choice Playlist 0217

The Bridge Critics Choice
The Bridge Critics Choice
1st hour

1)slim forsythe-wreck on the highway-this is slim forsythe-2017
2)sergio mendes & brasil 66-fool on the hill-fool on the hill-1968
3)the dandy warhols-sins are forgiven-why you so crazy-2019
4)upstate-crawl in-healing-2019
5)beastie boys-i don’t know-hello nasty-1998
6)elliott smith-everything reminds me of her-figure 8-2000
7)tedeschi trucks-strengthen what remains-signs-2019
8)tom t hall-your man loves you honey-about love-1977
9)cass  mccombs-absentee-tip of the sphere-2019
10)carsie blanton-harbor-buck up-2019
11)the lovin spoonful-did you ever have to make up your mind-do you believe in magic-1965
12)bob mould-camp sunshine-sunshine rock-2019
13)bobby bare jr-things i didn’t say-from the end of your leash-2004
15)cheryl deseree-tele it’s o le sami-dreamy-2018
16)some kind of animal-caroline-some kind of animal-2017
2nd hour
1)the kingston trio-molly dee-here we go again-1959
2)alice merton-funny business-mint-2019
3)ryan bingham-time for my mind-american love song-2019
4)galactic-clap your hands-already ready-2019
5)elvis costello-hand in hand-this years model-1978
6)the replacements-nightclub jitters-pleased to meet me-1987
7)bobkat ’65-back in my arms-this lonely road-2017
8)j mascis-wanted you around-elastic days-2018
9)dawes-bear witness-stories don’t end-2013
10)kacey musgraves-golden hour-golden hour-2018
11)the beatles-every little thing-beatles for sale-1964
12)robert ellis-topo chico-texas piano man-2019
13)billy pilgrim-get me out of here-billy pilgrim-1994
14)charlie gracie-can’t stop rockin’-2018
15)mercury rev-tobacco road-the delta sweete-2019
3rd hour
1)gene vincent & his blue caps-bop street-bluejean bop-1956
2)jocelyn & chris ardnt-the western-the fun in the fight-2019
3)michael franti-you’re number one-stay human vol II-2019
4)dolly parton-dr. robert f. thomas-my tennessee mountain home-1973
5)deerhunter-plains-why hasn’t everything already disappeared-2019
6)guided by voices-einstein’s angel-zeppelin over china-2019
7)the jesus & mary chain-sometimes always-stoned & dethroned-1994
8)nick waterhouse-i feel an urge coming on-nick waterhouse-2019
9)hayes carll-if i may be so bold-what it is-2019
10)the wild reeds-telepathic mail-cheers-2019
11)tower of power-can’t you see-back to oakland-1974
12)bright light social hour-darling you-jude vol I-2019
13)rilo kiley-capturing moods-the execution of all things-2002
14)graham parker & the rumour-no holding back-the up escalator-1980