The Critic’s Choice May 12th, 2019

The Critic's Choice | The Bridge at 105.5 Charleston
The Critic's Choice | The Bridge at 105.5 Charleston
1st hour
1)leonard cohen-coming back to you-various positions-1985
2)barrie-saturated-happy to be here-2019
3)nick lowe-trombone-love starvation ep-2019
4)nina simone-i want a little sugar-sings the blues-1967
5)cerny brothers-where i’m going-looking for the good land-2019
6)randy newman-last night i had a dream-sail away-1972
7)the cranberries-the pressure-in the end-2019
8)deer tick-strange awful feeling-mayonnaise-2019
9)jj cale-wish you were here-stay around-2019
10)tammy wynette-it’s my way-stand by your man-1969
11)susto-off you-ever since i lost my mind-2019
12)anders osborne-buddha & the blues-buddha & the blues-2019
13)chuck berry-she still loves me-chuck-2017
14)cautious clay-sidewinder-table of context-2019
15)small town therapy-mcalpine’s-dreams & circumstances-2019
2nd hour
1)jim croce-tomorrow’s gonna be-you don’t mess around with jim-1972
2)joy williams-canary-front porch-2019
3)cinders-the moon-looking forward to looking back-2018
4)grace morrison-reasons-reasons-2019
5)they might be giants-number three-they might be giants-1986
6)david bowie-janine-david bowie space oddity-1969
7)brian setzer orchestra-you’re the boss-the dirty boogie-1998
8)hayes carll-be there-what it is-2019
9)russ tolman-yuba city-goodbye el dorado-2019
10)crasie blanton-battle-buck up-2019
11)los lobos-can’t stop the rain-colossal head-1996
12)bailen-not gonna take me-thrilled to be here-2019
13)earth wind & fire-this world today-earth wind & fire-1971
14)parekh & singh-hello-science city-2019
15)pure bathing culture-all night-night pass-2019
15)ona-true emotion-full moon heavy light-2019
3rd hour
1)the cure-mint car-wild mood swings-1996
2)yola-still gone-walk through fire-2019
3)the mowglis-i feel good about this-i was starting to wonder-2018
4)jade bird-side effects-jade bird-2019
5)bob marley-kaya-kaya-1978
6)stevie wonder-for once in my life-for once in my life-1968
7)soak-knock me off my feet-grim town-2019
8)tom waits-whistlin’ past the graveyard-blue valentine-1978
9)gary clark jr.-got to get up-this land-2019
10)abigail harmon-poison-the lucky ep-2019
11)queen-long away-a day at the races-1976
12)downey-waiting for a call-downey-2019
13)jessy wilson-love me-phase-2019
14)los lobos-don’t worry baby-how will the wolf survive-1984