The Critic’s Choice Playlist: April 11th, 2021

1st hour

1)bob dylan-love minus zero/no limit-bringing it all back home-1965

2)norah jones-cold cold heart-come away with me-2002

3)parker millsap-always-be here instead-2021

4)bruce springsteen-brilliant disguise-tunnel of love-1987

5)big star-you get what you deserve-radio city-1974

6)the beatles-i’m happy just to dance with you-a hard day’s night-1964

7)stevie wonder-boogie on reggae woman-fulfillingness’ first finale-1974


9)sunny war-losing hand-simple syrup-2021

10)queen-killer queen-sheer heart attack-1974

11)xtc-the mayor of simpleton-oranges & lemons-1989

12)sturgill simpson-keep it between the lines-cuttin’ grass vol. 2-2021

13)the rolling stones-let’s spend the night together-1967

14)al stewart-year of the cat-year of the cat-1976

15)the posies-flavor of the month-frosting on the beater-1993

2nd hour

1)paul mccartney-magneto and titanium man-venus and mars-1975

2)the jayhawks-save it for a rainy day-rainy day music-2003

3)alice phoebe lou-dirty mouth-glow-2021

4)tom petty and the heartbreakers-think about me-let me up-1987

5)simon & garfunkel-a hazy shade of winter-bookends-1968

6)jack johnson-better together-in between dreams-2005

7)the kinks-better things-give the people what they want-1981

8)marshall crenshaw-better back off-life’s too short-1991

9)middle kids-some people stay in our hearts forever-today we’re the greatest-2021

10)the rascals-people got to be free-freedom suite-1969

11)the soup dragons-i’m free-lovegod-1990

12)esther rose-good time-how many times-2021

13)the zombies-time of the season-odessey and oracle-1968

14)dire straits-expresso love-making movies-1980