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The Critic’s Choice Playlist March 10, 2019

The Bridge Critics Choice

1st hour 1)elton john-come down in time-tumbleweed connection-1970 2)neyla pekarek-letters to the colonel-rattlesnake-2019 3)hayes carll-i will stay-what it is-2019 4)clare o’riordan-sailor-outside-2019 5)the doors-the crystal ship-the doors-1967 6)u2-promenade-the unforgettable fire-1984 7)molly tuttle-the high road-when you’re ready-2019 8)bill withers-i

The Critic’s Choice Playlist March 3, 2019

Critic's Choice the bridge

1st hour 1)robyn hitchcock-beautiful girl-eye-1990 2)cheryl deseree-neglected waltz-dreamy-2018 3)susto-off you-ever since i lost my mind-2019 4)mary bragg-fixed-violets as camouflage-2019 5)waylon jennings-i don’t mind-folk country-1966 6)lou reed-going down-lou reed-1972 7)patty griffin-hourglass-patty griffin-2019 8)bob mould-camp sunshine-sunshine rock-2019 9)night beats-wasting

The Critic’s Choice Playlist Feb. 24, 2019

The Critic's Choice | The Bridge at 105.5 Charleston

1st hour 1)dave van ronk-you’ve been a good old wagon-folksinger-1962 2)kelly hafner-give light-if it’s love-2019 3)hayes carll-fragile men-what it is-2019 4)jade bird-grinnin’ in your face-something american-2017 5)louis jordan-knock me a kiss-1942 6)simon & garfunkel-kathy’s song-sounds of silence-1966

Critic’s Choice Playlist 0217

The Bridge Critics Choice

1st hour 1)slim forsythe-wreck on the highway-this is slim forsythe-2017 2)sergio mendes & brasil 66-fool on the hill-fool on the hill-1968 3)the dandy warhols-sins are forgiven-why you so crazy-2019 4)upstate-crawl in-healing-2019 5)beastie boys-i don’t know-hello nasty-1998 6)elliott

Critic’s Choice Playlist 021019

1st hour 1)david bowie-kooks-hunky dory-1971 2)rebecca loebe-flying-give up your ghosts-2019 3)michael franti-nobody cries alone-stay human vol II-2019 4)jane kramer-singin’s enough-valley of the bones-2019 5)t bone burnett-every little thing-the criminal under my own hat-1992 6)tom petty & heartbreakers-blue

The Critic’s Choice Playlist 020319

1st hour 1)tom waits-diamonds & gold-rain dogs-1985 2)rebecca loebe-hush-give up your ghosts-2019 3)taj mahal-corinna-the natch’l blues-1968 4)oh pep-there would be a riot-i wasn’t only thinking about you-2018 5)elvis costello-don’t look now-look now-2018 6)jackson 5-can you remember-diana ross

The Critic’s Choice Playlist 012019

Critic's Choice the bridge

1st hour 1)milk carton kids-nothing is real-all the things that i did-2018 2)dinah washington-that’s all there is to that-what a diff’rence a day makes-1959 3)greensky bluegrass-collateral damage-all for money-2018 4)pretenders-sense of purpose-packed=1990 5)otis redding-pain in my heart-pain

The Critic’s Choice Playlist January 13, 2019

The Bridge Critics Choice

1st hour 1)drive by truckers-when the sun don’t shine-american band-2016 2)joni mitchell-chelsea morning-clouds-1969 3)greensky bluegrass-ashes-all for money-2019 4)lake street dive-i can change-free yourself up-2018 5)the wailers-duppy conqueror-burnin’-1973 6)cracker-fluffy lucy-greenland-2006 7)mandolin orange-mpther deer-tides of a teardrop-2019 8)emmanuel &

The Critic’s Choice Playlist 010619

1st hour 1)paul mccartney-confidante-egypt station-2018 2)nathan & eva-hazy-nathan & eva ep-2018 3)bill wilson-thanking you-stand up-2018 4)lake street dive-so long-side pony-2016 5)willie nelson-sweet bye & bye-the troublemaker-1976 6)tom petty & heartbreakers-angel dream-she’s the one-1996 7)kacey musgraves-butterflies-golden hour-2018 8)ike