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The Critic’s Choice May 26, 2019

1st hour 1)the national-light years-i am easy to find-2019 2)velvet underground-femme fatale-vu & nico-1967 3)mac demarco-finally alone-here comes the cowboy-2019 4)joy williams-no place like you-front porch-2019 5)the jam-that’s entertainment-sound affects-1980 6)crosby stills & nash-just a song before

Critic’s Choice Playlist January 27, 2019

Critic's Choice the bridge

1st hour 1)ray davies-louisiana sky-americana II-2018 2)neko case-we’ve never met-furnace room lullaby-2000 3)seth walker-are you open-are you open-2019 4)rebecca loebe-ghosts-give up your ghosts-2019 5)fleetwood mac-never going back again-rumours-1977 6)rolling stones-she smiled sweetly-between the buttons-1967 7)sneaks-money don’t grow