Community Hero Dan Linas Wins 2-Night Staycation at The Beach Club

Listen as Richard Todd salutes another community hero that his good friend & bridge listener, Travis Dawson, nominated, Dan Linas! He had been tipped off that he had won something but thought it was a practical joke by Travis and didn’t believe it!  So Richard surprised him live on air for the difference he is making in his community and confirmed that in fact, this was not a joke in winning a 2-night staycation at The Beach Club and Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina. He is definitely deserving of being called a “community hero”! Check out the full conversation below.


Here’s what Travis had to say about Dan:

“Dan Linas has been working with as many lower-income members of the community that has been laid off due to COVID to employ them to help do a community clean up. Community clean up can be but not limited to: cutting yards, removing debris and hazardous materials from neglected homes, cleaning up entire blocks of lower-income developed neighborhoods, literally anything you can think of that involves “beautification of neglected streets”. He only employs those that have 100% been laid off, minorities, and lower-income individuals. He pays them out of his own pocket and will continue to do so as long as possible.”