The Critic’s Choice Sunday December 7, 2014


the critic’s choice/wcoo/105.5 the bridge
charleston, sc sunday 9am-noon
streaming live @

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)beck-turn away-morning phase-2014
2)joe strummer-redemption song-streetcore-2003
3)trampled by turtles-hollow-wild animals-2014
4)ani difranco-rainy parade-allergic to water-2014
5)john denver-daydream-rhymes & reasons-1969
6)brian setzer-blue lights big city-rockabilly riot-2014
7)the secret sisters-lonely island-put your needle down-2014
8)the beach boys-kiss me baby-the beach boys today-1965
9)nick waterhouse-let it come down-holly-2014
10)jenny lewis-the voyager-the voyager-2014
11)rem-find the river-automatic for the people-1992
12)the vines-truth-wicked nature-2014
13)bruce springsteen-tomorrow never knows-working on a dream-2009
14)robert ellis-only lies-the lights from the chemical plant-2014
15)liz cooper-month of june-monsters-2014
16)the rural alberta advantage-to be scared-mended with gold-2014

2nd hour
1)the new basement tapes-diamond ring-lost on the river-2014
2)bob dylan-peggy day-nashville skyline-1969
3)first aid kit-the bell-stay gold-2014
4)bass drum of death-better days-rip this-2014
5)billie holiday-you’ve changed-the brazil connection-2014
6)lyle lovett-no big deal-it’s not big it’s large-2007
7)puss n boots-jesus etc-no fools no fun-2014
8)the beatles-tell me what you see-help-1965
9)the holmes brothers-gone for good-brotherhood-2014
10)freeman-the english & western stallions-freeman-2014
11)the rolling stones-shake your hips-exile on main street-1972
12)steelism-cuban missile-615 to fame-2014
13)curtis harding-beautiful people-soul power-2014
14)kelly pardekooper-milk in sunshine-milk in sunshine-2014
15)water liars-turn me on-water liars-2014

3rd hour
1)suzanne vega-fool’s complaint-tales from the realm-2014
3)nikki lane-western bound-gone gone gone ep-2011
4)faces-glad & sorry-ooh la la-1973
5)joan osborne-thirsty for my tears-love & hate-2014
6)tv on the radio-trouble-seeds-2014
7)bee gees-when the swallows fly-idea-1968
8)wilco-hummingbirds-a ghost is born-2004
9)joss stone-fell in love with a boy-the soul sessions-2003
10)loudon wainwright III-do we we do-song reader-2014
11)she & him-stay awhile-classics-2014
12)the pogues-streams of whiskey-red roses for me-1984
13)sloan-you’ve got a lot on your mind-commonwealth-2014
14)barenaked ladies-straw hat & old dirty hank-born on a pirate ship-1996