The Critic’s Choice Sunday January 18, 2015

Subject: the critic’s choice jan 18, 2015
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2015 12:51:13 -0500

the critic’s choice/wcoo/105.5 the bridge
charleston, sc sunday 9am-noon
streaming live @

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)johnnyswim-paris in june-diamonds-2014
2)the beach boys-take a load off your feet-surf’s up-1971
3)jd mcpherson-rome wasn’t built in a day-the warm covers ep-2014
4)alyssa jayson-romance you-please be true-2015
5)neil young-harvest-harvest-1972
6)bryan ferry-lost-avonmore-2014
7)rachel garlin-this winding road-wink at july-2015
8)moby grape-8:05-moby grape-1967
9)paul kelly-thank you-the merri soul sessions-2014
10)jorma kaukonen-ain’t in no hurry-ain’t in no hurry-2015
11)billie holiday-i cover the waterfront-1941
12)the bros landreth-firecracker-let it lie-2015
13)glen hansard-fallen from the sky-once-2007
14)stephen hunley-elizabeth-the other side of never-2015
15)amason-kelly-sky city-2015
16)eliot bronson-river runs dry-eliot bronson-2014

2nd hour
1)john mellencamp-jackie brown-big daddy-1989
2)she & him-teach me tonight-classics-2014
3)cracker-almond grove-berkeley to bakersfield-2014
4)nick lowe-little hitler-jesus of cool-1978
5)reigning sound-never coming home-shattered-2014
6)cary brothers-lovin’ on you-lovin’ on you ep-2015
7)van morrison-these dreams of you-moondance-1970
8)nora jane struthers-the wire-wake-2015
9)new orleans suspects-walk of shame-ouroboros-2015
11)madness-bed & breakfast man-one step beyond-1979
12)the vespers-not enough-sisters & brothers-2014
13)luke winslow king-la bega’s carousel-everlasting arms-2014
14)hanni el khatib-dance hall-moonlight-2015
15)kristin andreassen-lookout-gondolier-2015
16)the rosebuds-wait a minute-sand + silence-2014

3rd hour
1)drew holcomb-here we go-medicine-2015
2)the ting tings-wrong club-super critical-2014
3)the decemberists-cavalry captain-what a terrible world-2015
4)robert earl keen-99 years for one dark day-happy prisoner-2015
5)billy joel-suprises-the nylon curtain-1982
7)joan jett-you don’t own me-joan jett-1980
8)robert francis-love is a chemical-heaven-2014
9)johnny mathis-you’d be so nice to come home to-swing softly-1958
10)american music club-johnny mathis’ feet-mercury-1993
11)belle & sebastian-allie-girls in peacetime want to dance-2015
12)mothers of invention-let’s make the water-we’re only in it for-1968
13)joy division-love will tear us apart-1980
14)unwed teenage mothers-whose girl are you-goodnight girls-2015