The Critic’s Choice – December 20th 2015

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)langhorne slim-meet again-the spirit moves-2015
2)suzanne vega-night vision-solitude standing-1987
3)nelson & haggard-django & jimmie-django & jim-2015
4)maia sharpe-stay-the dash between the dates-2015
5)the rolling stones-lady jane-aftermath-1966
6)jackson browne-sleep’s dark & silent-pretender-1976
7)juliana hatfield 3-parking lots-whatever my love-2015
8)bob schneider-han solo-king kong-2015
9)fleetwood mac-i loved another woman-fleetwood-1968
10)nath. rateliff-i’ve been failing-& the night sweats-2015
11)little may-where do you sleep-for the company-2015
12)honey boy-sweet cherrie-1975
13)the bellfuries-make the mystery-workingman’s-2015
14)dylan gradner-the actor-adventures in real time-2015
15)cicada rhythm-i’m sorry charlene-cicada rhythm-2015
16)john mark nelson-i won’t win-i’m not afraid-2015

2nd hour
1)ben lee-forgiveness-love is the great rebellion-2015
2)jessi teich-sunday morning-twisted soul-2015
3)barenaked ladies-matter of time-silverball-2015
4)pure bathing culture-she shakes-pray for rain-2015
5)johnny cash-ballad of a teenage queen-1958
6)decemberists-anti summersong-what a terrible-2015
7)tom waits-jockey full of bourbon-rain dogs-1985
8)julia nunes-cool thanks-some feelings-2015
9)giant sand-song so wrong-heartbreak pass-2015
10)alabama shakes-guess who-sound & color-2015
11)the pogues-misty morning albert-peace & love-1989
12)vanessa carlton-unlock the lock-liberman-2015
13)lord huron-hurricane-strange trails-2015
14)circa waves-deserve this-young chasers-2015
15)seinabo sey-poetic-pretend-2015
16)firekid-anna lee-firekid-2015

3rd hour
1)built to spill-never be the-untethered moon-2015
2)bangles-waiting for you-everything-1988
3)tom jones-raise a ruckus-long lost suitcase-2015
4)jenny lewis-the new you-the voyager-2015
5)davis johansen-you touched me too-in style-1979
6)ryan adams-all you had to do was stay-1989-2015
7)kacey musgraves-dime store-pagaent material-2015
8)brinsley schwarz-hooked on love-please don’t-1973
9) sharon jones-ain’t no chimneys-it’s a holiday-2015
10)carl perkins-lend me your comb-1957
11)chris isaak-don’t break my-first comes the night-2015
12)x-dancing with tears-under the big black sun-1982
13)the silver lake chorus-wreckage-tslc-2015
14)brian wilson-on the island-no pier pressure-2015