The Critic’s Choice January 3rd, 2015

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)joe jackson-so you say-fast forward-2015
2)peter paul & mary-bamboo-self-1962
3)chris cornell-josephine-higher truth-2015
4)ruby amanfu-anyone knows what-standing still-2015
5)tom waits-a little rain-bone machine-1992
6)guster-never coming down-evermotion-2015
7)rachel garlin-spin-wink at july-2015
8)dean martin-hit the road to dreamland-sleep warm-1959
9)rev shawn amos-the last day-loves you-2015
10)jackson browne-rosie-running on empty-1977
11)brandi carlile-the eye-the firewatcher’s daughter-2015
12)foo fighters-miracle-in your honor-2005
13)drive by truckers-hanging on-english oceans-2015
14)austin plaine-the other side-austin plaine-2015
15)s jones d kings-we get along-give the people-2014
16)korey dane-little dream-youngblood-2015

2nd hour
1)jack white-alone in my home-lazaretto-2014
2)loretta lynn-high on a mt top-van lear rose-2004
3)yo la tengo-all your secrets-stuff like that there-2015
4)the melodians-sweet sensation-sweet sensation-1977
5)wilco-taste the ceiling-star wars-2015
6)tom jones-bring it on home-long lost suitcase-2015
7)andra day-honey or fire-cheers to the fall-2015
8)tom petty-depending on you-full moon fever-1989
9)j mascis-stumble-tied to a star-2014
10)luther dickinson-ol’ cannonball-blues & ballads-2016
11)julia nunes-then okay-some feelings-2015
12)the specials-too hot-the specials-1979
13)decemberists-the wrong year-what a terrible-2015
14)lord huron-louisa-strange trails-2015
15)lera lynn-refrain-the avenues-2014
16)gaslight street-come back-live from home team-2016

3rd hour
1)roy orbison-there won’t be many-the fastest guitar-1967
2)alabama shakes-shoegaze-sound & color-2015
3)nathaniel rateliff-thank you-& the night sweats-2015
4)scots-house of bamboo-plastic seat sweat-1997
5)the kinks-big black smoke-dead end street single-1966
6)chris isaak-insects-first comes the night-2015
7)talking heads-the girls want to be-more songs about-1978
8)leigh nash-the state i’m in-the state i’m in-2015
9)iggy pop-fire girl-blah blah blah-1986
10)pokey lafarge-actin a fool-something in the water-2015
11)sleater kinney-hey darling-no cities to love-2015
12)wings-magneto & titanium man-venus & mars-1975
13)line & circle-out of metaphors-split figure-2015
14)the del fuegos-night on the town-boston mass-1985