Critic’s Choice Playlist February 7th 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)chris isaak-kiss me-first comes the night-2015
2)velvet underground-after hours-v.u.-1969
3) love-the psychedelic swamp-2016
4)lissie-ojai-my wild west-2016
5)johnny horton-when it’s springtime-the spec-1959
6)magnetic zeroes-free stuff-person a-2016
7)carole king-home again-tapestry-1971
8)chris cornell-josephine-higher truth-2015
9)josh rouse-100m backstroke-home-2000
10)dandy warhols-give-distortland-2016
11)dusty springfield-no easy way-in memphis-1969
12)white stripes-you’ve got her-elephant-2003
13)sun seeker-georgia dust-2016
14)alex dezen-reluctant love song-alex dezen-2016
15)carrie rodriguez-frio en el alma-lola-2016

2nd hour
1)steely dan-any major dude-pretzel logic-1974
2)tami neilson-walk-dynamite-2015
3)james hunter six-a truer heart-hold on-2016
4)jefferson airplane-how do you-surrealistic-1967
5)lee harvey osmond-blue moon drive-beautiful-2016
6)tom petty-jack-highway companion-2006
7)aretha franklin-try matty’s-spirit in the dark-1970
8)fuzzy crystals-song for myself-it’s over-2016
9)smashing pumpkins-crush-gish-1991
10)future elevators-just another day-fut. elevators-2016
11)todd rundgren-one more day-something any-1972
12)lily & madeleine-not gonna-keep it together-2016
13)the clash-charlie don’t surf-sandinista-1981
14)pernice brothers-clear spot-overcome by-1998
15)marit larsen-traveling alone-when the morning-2014
16)the young wild-not a one-2016

3rd hour
1)eagles-is it true-on the border-1974
2)madeleine peyroux-bare bones-bare bones-2009
3)yo la tengo-somebody’s in love-stuff like that-2015
4)sam phillips-i need love-martinis & bikinis-1994
5)matt andersen-break away-honest man-2016
6)bruce springsteen-your own worst enemy-magic-2007
7)indigo girls-tried to be true-indigo girls-1989
8)wilco-the joke explained-star wars-2015
9)mainland-a bit out of time-outcast ep-2015
10)sloan-the lines you-one chord after another-1996
11)grant lee phillips-loaded gun-the narrows-2016
12)they might be giants-hate the villanelle-glean-2015
13)porches-be apart-pool-2016
14)bob dylan-i want you-blonde on blonde-1966