The Critic’s Choice Feb. 14th, 2016

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)smashing pumpkins-landslide-pisces iscariot-1994
2)trixie whitley-faint mystery-porta bohemica-2016
3)grant l phillips-mocassin creek-the narrows-2016
4)andra day-gin & juice-cheers to the fall-2015
5)the everly brothers-crying in the rain-1962
6)fountains of wayne-workingman’s hands-sky full-2011
7)sonya kitchell-follow me in-we come apart-2016
8)son volt-no more parades-straightaways-1997
9)future elevators-alabama song-future elevators-2016
10)yo la tengo-what comes next-fakebook-1990
11)sunflower bean-i want you to-human ceremony-2016
12)bruce springsteen-wreck on the hwy-the river-1980
13)ben abraham-i belong to you-sirens-2016
15)lou doillon-where to start-lay low-2016
16)the crookes-brand new start-lucky ones-2016

2nd hour
1)johnny cash-the ballad of ira hayes-bitter tears-1964
2)jones-indulge-hoops ep-2016
3)dylan leblanc-i’m moving on-cautionary tale-2016
4)carole king-really rosie-really rosie-1975
5)robyn hitchcock-the man who invented-black snake-1981
6)whiskeytown-somebody remembers-strangers alm-1997
7)they might be giants-i can’t hide from-the spine-2004
8)maxine brown-oh no not my baby-1964
9)photo ops-once around the town square-vacation-2016
10)quilt-something there-plaza-2016
11)david ackles-oh california-american gothic-1972
12)indigo girls-three hits-rites of passage-1992
13)sun seeker-no one knows-third man single-2016
14)john mark nelson-control-i’m not afraid-2015
15)skylar gudasz-just friends-oleander-2016
16)a love like pi-those days are gone-III-2016

3rd hour
1)the beach boys-aren’t you glad-wild honey-1967
2)lily & madeleine-small talk-keep it together-2016
3)dr. dog-good grief-the psychedelic swamp-2016
4)kate bush-the morning fog-hounds of love-1985
5)ween-i don’t wanna leave-12 golden country greats-1996
6)the james hunter six-hold on-hold on-2016
7)tami neilson-cry over you-dynamite-2015
8)count basie-broadway-standing ovation-1969
9)the prettiots-stabler-funs cool-2016
10)the monkees-papa gene’s blues-the monkees-1966
11)ra ra riot-foreign lovers-need your light-2016
12)lissie-go for a walk-my wild west-2016
13)earth wind & fire-happy feelin-that’s the way-1975