The Critic’s Choice February 28th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)neil young-birds-after the gold rush-1970
2)ronnie spector-oh me oh my-english heart-2016
3)willie nelson-but not for me-summertime-2016
4)victoria reed-featherweight-chariot-2016
5)grant l phillips-always friends-virginia creeper-2004
6)houndmouth-darlin’-little neon limelight-2015
7)fairport convention-farewell farewell-liege &-1969
8)dr. dog-in love-the psychedelic swamp-2016
9)johnny cash-i couldn’t keep from crying-1955
10)lake street dive-so long-side pony-2016
11)warren zevon-backs turned-warren zevon-1976
12)mavis staples-if it’s a light-livin on a high-2016
13)the fuzzy crystals-the road to-it’s over ep-2016
14)penny & sparrow-until tomorrow-let a lover-2016
15)lower 48-shape of two spoons-the lower 48-2016
16)lee dewyze-again-oil & water-2016

2nd hour
1)tom waits-red shoes by the-blue valentine-1978
2)margo price-desperate & depressed-midwest-2016
3)willie nile-runaway girl-world war willie-2016
4)sarah neufeld-we’ve got a lot-the ridge-2016
5)jimi hendix-may this be love-are u experienced-1967
6)fitz & tantrums-we don’t need-songs for a-2010
7)lyle lovett-closing time-lyle lovett-1986
8)vandaveer-love is melancholy-the wild merc-2016
9)rolling stones-the lantern-their satanic majest-1967
10)violent femmes-foothills-we can do anything-2016
11)booket t &mgs-slim jenkins’ joint-hip hug her-1967
12)the prettiots-hope yr happy-funs cool-2016
13)rem-near wild heaven-out of time-1991
14)greg laswell-dodged a bullet-everyone thinks-2016
15)skyler gudasz-i’ll be your man-oleander-2016

3rd hour
1)jesus & mary chain-deep one perfect-darklands-1987
2)brandi carlile-the things that-the firewatcher’s-2015
3)charles bradley-things we do for love-changes-2016
4)tami neilson-honey girl-dynamite-2015
5)bob dylan-if not for you-new morning-1970
6)steve earle-more than i can do-i feel alright-1996
7)kitty daisy lewis-it ain’t your business-the third-2015
8)herb alpert & the tjb-blue sunday-sro-1966
9)bettye lavette-everybody knows this-thankful &-2012
10)wintersleep-who are you-the great detachment-2016
11)the james hunter six-stranded-hold on-2016
12)mount moriah-fox in the city-how to dance-2016
13)hoodoo gurus-waking up tired-blue cave-1996
14)ra ra riot-call me out-need your light-2016