The Critic’s Choice Playlist – March 13th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice
Tune in to The Bridge at 105.5 every Sunday morning from 9am – Noon for The Critic’s Choice – the most eclectic three hours of music on Charleston airwaves.
playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year
1st hour
1)wild feathers-lonely is a-lonely is a lifetime-2016
2)joni mitchell-electricity-for the roses-1972
3) jeff buckley-the boy with the thorn-you & i-2016
4)the sea the sea-restless heart-in the altoget-2016
5)dcfc-i will follow you into the dark-plans-2005
6)parker millsap-tribulation hymn-the very last-2016
7)nina simone-you’ve got to-i put a spell on-1965
8)rem-swan swan h-lifes rich pageant-1986
9)graham nash-target-this path tonight-2016
10)loretta lynn-secret love-full circle-2016
11)barenaked ladies-hello city-gordon-1992
12)tanya donelly-written unread-swan song-2016
13)gavin james-for you-gavin james-2016
14)star & micey-so much pain-get em next time-2016
15)santigold-before the fire-99 cents-2016
2nd hour
1)m ward-you’re so good to me-more rain-2016
2)mavis staples-love & trust-livin on a high-2016
3)sean watkins-last time for-what to fear-2016
4)victoria reed-chariot-chariot-2016
5)yo la tengo-the summer-fakebook-1990
6)hayes carll-love is so easy-lovers & learners-2016
7)norah jones-4 broken hearts-little broken-2012
8)paul mccartney-sally g-junior’s farm single-1974
9)sunflower bean-i want you-human ceremony-2016
10)iggy pop-vulture-post pop depresssion-2016
11)kacey musgraves-biscuits-pageant material-2015
12)smokey robinson-since you won-going to a-1965
13)day wave-you-hard to read ep-2016
14)nico yaryan-just tell me-what a tease-2016
15)beau-leave me be-that thing reality-2016
3rd hour
1)willie nelson-i got rhythm-summertime-2016
2)mazzy star-halah-she hangs brightly-1990
3)violent femmes-holy ghost-we can do anything-2016
4)kd lang-western skies-shadowland-1988
5)james hunter six-if that don’t tell you-hold on-2016
6)pete yorn-halifax-arrangingtime-2016
7)squirrel nut zippers-just this side-bedlam ball-2000
8)the beatles-not a second time-with the beatles-1963
9)gazebos-there are worse things i-die alone-2016
10)griffin house-paris calling-son on & so forth-2016
11)bob moukld-losing sleep-patch the sky-2016
12)s jones dap kings-without a heart- i learned-2010
13)grant lee phillips-loaded gun-the narrows-2016
14)the replacements-i’ll be you-don’t tell a soul-1989