The Critic’s Choice March 27th 2016

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)jeff buckley-mama you been on my mind-1995
2)tanya donelly-worry doll-swan song series-2016
3)jason isbell-god is a working-so. family-2016
4)lake st dive-better than-bad self portraits-2014
5)frank sinatra-i’ll never be-in the wee small-1955
6)bruce springsteen-ain’t got-tunnel of love-1987
7)lissie-ojai-my wild west-2016
8)elephant revival-on & on-petals-2016
9)tom waits-virginia avenue-closing time-1973
10)yo la tengo-naples-stuff like that there-2015
11)hackensaw boys-the sweet-charismo-2016
12)beastie boys-groove holmes-check your-1992
13)andrew bird-bellevue-are you serious-2016
14)calliope musicals-letters-time owes you-2016
15)aurora-home-all my demons greeting me-2016
16)lontalius-it’s not love-i’ll forget 17-2016

2nd hour
1)everly brothers-so sad-it’s everly time-1960
2)thompson & jones-never knew-little wind-2016
3)peter wolf-peace of mind-a cure for-2016
4)lily & madeline-not gonna-keep it togeth-2016
5)lowe & edmunds-poor jenny-sing the -1980
6)lyle lovett-
7)mavis staples-tomorrow-livin on a high-2016
8)sun seeker-no one knows-2016
9)elvis presley-do the vega-viva las vegas-1964
10)ben harper-bones-call it what it is-2016
11)the sea the sea-pretty penny-in the alt-2016
12)willie nelson-they all laughed-summer-2016
13)the j geils band-take it back-sanctuary-1979
14)primal scream-i can change-chaosmosis-2016
15)beau-oceans-that thing reality-2016

3rd hour
1)hank williams-honky tonk blues-1951
2)norah jones-cold cold heart-come away-2002
3)bnl-never is enough-stunt-1998
4)birdy-words-beautiful lies-2016
5)the monkees-words-pisces aquarius cap-1967
6)parker millsap-pining-the very last day-2016
7)aretha franklin-you send me-aretha now-1968
8)psychedelic furs-she is mine-talk talk talk-1981
9)vandaveer-the final word-the wild mercury-2016
10)dcfc-your new twin sized-narrow stairs-2008
11)pete yorn-tomorrow-arranging time-2016
12)aubrie sellers-losing ground-new city-2016
14)golden daze-never comin’ back-self-2016