The Critic’s Choice – April 3rd 2016

Critic's Choice the bridge

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)mo kenney-i faked it-in my dreams-2016
2)willie nelson-they can’t take-summertime-2016
3)yo la tengo-i’m so lonesome-stuff like that-2015
4)andrew bird-chemical switches-are you-2016
5)tom hiddleston-my bucket’s got-i saw the-2016
6)graham nash-target-this path tonight-2016
7)neko case-no need to cry-furnace room-2000
8)charles bradley-you think i don’t-changes-2016
9)j mascis-anticipation-martin & me-1996
10)elle king-make you smile-love stuff-2015
11)rolling stones-factory girl-beggars banquet-1968
12)violent femmes-untrue love-we can do-2016
13)the heavy-goodbye baby-hurt & the-2016
14)primal scream-private wars-chaosmosis-2016
15)holly williams-settle down-southern family-2016
16)the palms-push off-2016

2nd hour
1)al green-your love is like-call me-1973
2)calliope musicals-sink or swim-time owes-2016
3)edward sharpe-somewhere-person a-2016
4)lake street dive-how good it feels-side pony-2016
5)bob dylan-one more night-nashville skyline-1969
6)prince-take me with u-purple rain-1984
7)pokey lafarge-wanna be your-s’thing in the-2015
8)fruition-sante fe-labor of love-2016
9)elvis presley-surrender-1981
10)brandi carlile-have you ever-the story-2007
11)tom jones-bring it on home-long lost-2015
13)junior brown-my baby don’t dance-12 shades-1990
14)eric lindell-since june-matters of the heart-2016
15)hana-white-hana ep-2016
16)hey marseilles-heroes-hey marseilles-2016

3rd hour
1)lou reed-fly into the sun-new sensations-1984
2)thompson & jones-make a wish-little wind-2016
3)peter wolf-love stinks-a cure for loneliness-2016
4)aretha franklin-that’s all i want-spirit in the-1970
5)reverend horton heat-mi amor-space heater-1998
6)luther dickinson-up over yonder-blues &-2016
7)the sundays-i kicked a boy-reading writing &-1990
8)ra ra riot-foreign lovers-need your light-2016
9)miles davis-seven steps to heaven-seven steps-1963
10)james hunter six-if that don’t tell-hold on-2016
11)ben harper-how dark is gone-call it what it is-2016
12)charlie rich-lonely weekends-lonely weekends-1960
13)the sun days-i keep on wondering-album-2016
14)terry reid-superlungs my supergirl-terry reid-1969