Critic’s Choice: August 14th, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)steve miller-baby’s callin me-children of the-1968
2)lisa hannigan-anahorish-at swim-2016
3)elijah ford-daggers-as you were-2016
4)ella fitzgerald-they can’t take-sings gershwin-1959
5)willie nelson-but not for me-summertime-2016
6)matt brown-build something-walk into the-2016
7)tony joe white-look of love-black & white-1969
8)chris staples-hepburn in summertime-golden-2016
9)pink floyd-the gnome-the piper at the gates-1967
10)band of horses-window blues-cease to begin-2008
11)the waterboys-has anybody seen-fishermans-1988
12)dolly parton-the bridge-just because i’m a-1968
13)jeremy 7 harlequins-there’s a girl-into the-2016
14)ulton conlon-dance to paper-songs of love-2016
15)hymn for her-onebigachin-drive til you die-2016

2nd hour
1)jonathan edwards-everybody knows her-self-1971
2)norah jones-carry on-day breaks-2016
3)violent femmes-holy ghost-we can do anything-2016
4)lydia loveless-more than ever-real-2016
5)benny goodman sextet-flying home-1939
6)uncle tupelo-screen door-no depression-1990
7)empty houses-mercy-daydream-2016
8)bob marley-so much trouble-survival-1979
9)ages & ages-they want more-s’thing to ruin-2016
10)squirrel nut zippers-put a lid on it-hot-1997
11)jayhawks-quiet corners-paging mr proust-2016
12)traveling wilburys-not alone anymore-vol 1-1988
13)stray birds-hands of man-magic fire-2016
14)jonah tolchin-beauty in-1000 mile night-2016
15)loud forest-there you are-loud forest-2016

3rd hour
1)james gang-there i go again-rides again-1970
2)case lang veirs-best kept secret-case lang veirs-2016
3)the devil makes 3-come on up-ruin-2016
4)margaret glaspy-emotions & math-emotions-2016
5)elvis presley-anyplace is paradise-elvis-1956
6)avett brothers-you are mine-true sadness-2016
7)ladyhawke-chills-wild things-2016
8)beastie boys-sabrosa-ill communication-1994
9)parsonsfield-ties that bind-blooming through-2016
10)the hollies-look through any window-1965
11)need to breathe-when i sing-hard love-2016
12)patti smith-ask the angels-radio ethiopia-1976
13)brother moses-please stop-legends ep-2016
14)violent femmes-kiss off-violent femmes-1982