Critic’s Choice: October 23, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)chet baker-time after time-chet baker sings-1954
2)elise davis-i go to bars & get drunk-token-2016
3)green day-ordinary world-revolution radio-2016
4)suzanne vega-we of me-lover beloved-2016
5)bob dylan-crash on the levee-the basement tapes-1975
6)elvis costello-complicated shadows-secret profane-2009
7)eric johnson-mrs. robinson-ej-2016
8)courtney jaye-sometimes always-the exotic sounds of-2010
9)the head & the heart-library magic-signs of light-2016
10)conor oberst-gossamer thin-ruminations-2016
11)dolly parton-in the good old days-my tenn mt home-1973
12)paul kelly-let it be-death’s dateless night-2016
13)marvin gaye-there goes my baby-in the groove-1968
14)dawg yawp-need you to know-dawg yawp-2016
15)the baird sisters-tracks-until you find your green-2016
16)paul & the tall trees-next time-our love in the light-2016

2nd hour
1)the band-share your love-moondog matinee-1973
2)lolo-i don’t wanna have to lie-in loving memory of when-2016
3)devon allman-hold me-ride or die-2016
4)norah jones-sleeping wild-day breaks-2016
5)led zeppelin-friends-led zeppelin III-1970
6)dawes-for no good reason-we’re all gonna die-2016
7)lyle lovett-what do you do-& his large band-1989
8)leonard cohen-a bunch of lonesome heros-songs from a room-1969
9)lee fields & the expressions-i’m coming home-special night-2016
10)kings of leon-muchacho-walls-2016
11)esquivel-sun valley ski run-strings aflame-1959
12)the shacks-this strange effect-the shacks ep-2016
13)the kinks-dead end street-1966
14)elephant stone-photograph-ship of fools-2016
15)danielle howle-rhythm of you-pot of water-2016

3rd hour
1)big head blues club-hidden charms-way down inseide-2016
2)beth orton-worms-comfort of strangers-2006
3)st paul & broken bones-tears in the diamond-sea of noise-2016
4)rilo kiley-give a little love-under the blacklight-2007
5)johnny cash-one more ride-the fabulous johnny cash-1958
6)mike doughty-you could fly-the heart watches-2016
7)chuck berry-i’m talking about you-1961
8)sires-only one-soul for sale-2016
9)the velvet underground-cool it down-loaded-1970
10)wayne hancock-divorce me c.o.d-slingin’ rhythm-2016
11)pixies-all the saints-head carrier-2016
12)loretta lynn-to heck with ole santa claus-white christmas blue-2016
13)the police-hungry for you-ghost in the machine-1981
14)jamestown revival-american dream-the education-2016