Critic’s Choice: November 20, 2016

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour
1)phil ochs-what’s that i hear-all the news that’s fit to sing-1964
2)kacey musgraves-christmas makes me cry-a very kacey christmas-2016
3)wilco-normal american kids-wilco schmilco-2016
4)dolly parton-dark as a dungeon-9 to 5 & odd jobs-1980
5)matt pond pa-used to be-winter lives-2016
6)elvis presley & rpo-don’t-the wonder of you-2016
7)the shacks-left it with the moon-the shacks ep-2016
8)joe ely-tonight i think i’m gonna-honky tonk masquerade-1978
9)paul kelly & charlie owen-let it be-death’s dateless night-2016
10)jamestown revival-almost all the time-the education-2016
11)the hollies-time for love-in the hollies style-1964
12)amanda shires-slippin’-my piece of land-2016
13)gene vincent-blues stay away from me-& his blue caps-1957
14)local natives-jellyfish-sunlit youth-2016
15)chrissi poland-lonely light-waking hour-2016
16)roo panes-the original-paperweights-2016

2nd hour
1)kings of leon-muchacho-walls-2016
2)joni mitchell-edith & the kingpin-the hissing of summer lawns-1975
3)leon russell-tight rope-carney-1972
4)joseph-sos-i’m alone no you’re not-2016
5)mike doughty-making me lay down-the heart watches-2016
6)rem-monty got a raw deal-automatic for the people-1992
7)sarah jarosz-still life-undercurrent-2016
8)sly & the family stone-i hate to love her-a whole new thing-1967
9)the james hunter six-light of my life-hold on-2016
10)red hot chili peppers-the longest wave-the getaway-2016
11)willie nelson-shall we gather-the troublemaker-1976
12)lolo-i don’t wanna have to lie-in loving memory of when-2016
13)pink floyd-jugband blues-a saucerful of secrets-1968
14)chris staples-dog blowing a clarinet-golden age-2016

3rd hour
1)mose allison-young man blues-back country suite-1957
2)hope sandoval-isn’t it true-until the hunter-2016
3)jim james-we ain’t getting any younger-eternally even-2016
4)kacy & clayton-springtime of the year-strange country-2016
5)david bowie-oh you pretty things-hunky dory-1971
6)the head & the heart-dreamer-signs of light-2016
7)the replacements-attitude-all shook down-1990
8)norah jones-it’s a wonderful time for love-day breaks-2016
9)the shins-girl inform me-oh inverted world-2001
10)jeremy & harlequins-drinkin by myself-into the night-2016
11)st paul & the broken bones-flow with it-sea of noise-2016
12)x-all or nothing-ain’t love grand-1985
13)jd mcpherson-domes for nickels-signs & signifiers-2012
14)xtc-statue of liberty-white music-1978