Critic’s Choice: January 8th, 2017

The Bridge Critics Choice

playlist goes by artist-song title-lp title-year

1st hour

1)the godfathers-another you-more songs about love & hate-1989

2)tift merritt-love soldiers on-stitch of the world-2017

3)rolling stones-little rain-blue & lonesome-2016

4)lowland hum-compass-thin-2017

5)bodeans-lookin’ for me somewhere-love & hope & sex & dreams-1986

6)dawes-picture of a man-we’re all gonna die-2016

7)elvis presley & the rpo-starting today-the wonder of you-2016

8)demeyer & kimbrough-honey bee-mockingbird soul-2017

9)elvis costello-i just don’t know what to do with myself-live stiffs-1978

10)kings of leon-muchacho-walls-2016

11)otis redding-these arms of mine-pain in my heart-1962

12)case lang veirs-song for judee-case lang veirs-2016

13)tony bennett-cold cold heart-because of you-1952

14)look park-minor is the lonely key-look park-2016

15)chrissi poland-lonely light-waking hour-2016


2nd hour

1)simon & garfunkel-the times they are a changin-wed morning 3am-1964

2)sally & george-tip my heart-tip my heart-2017

3)neil young-glass accident-peace trail-2016

4)norah jones-you’ve ruined me-the fall-2009

5)radio birdman-love kills-radios appear-1977

6)violent femmes-holy ghost-we can do anything-2016

7)muddy waters-the same thing-1964

8)sarah jarosz-still life-undercurrent-2016

9)tom waits-jesus gonna be here-bone machine-1992

10)the devil makes three-i’m gonna get high-ruin-2016

11)5th dimension-save the country-portrait-1970

12)st paul & broken bones-that glow-half the city-2014

13)ramones-danny says-end of the century-1980

14)si cranstoun-happy birthday-old school-2016

15)tami neilson-bury my body-don’t be afraid-2016

16)waiting for henry-town called patience-town called patience-2016

3rd hour

1)josh hyde-the call of the night-the call of the night-2017

2)jefferson airplane-my best friend-surrealistic pillow-1967

3)wayne hancock-small bouquet of roses-slingin rhythm-2016

4)barbra streisand-space captain-barbra joan streisand-1971

5)rem-welcome to the occupation-document-1987

6)the head & the heart-cats & dogs-the head & the heart-2011

7)ella fitzgerald-sings the harold arlen song book-1960

8)soul asylum-grounded-and the horse they rode in on-1990

9)esme patterson-come see me-we were wild-2016

10)big star-thank you friends-third-1975

11)the monkees-you bring the summer-good times-2016

12)go go’s-yes or no-talk show-1984

13)fences-pale paper-to the tall trembling trees-2016

14)the jam-it’s too bad-all mod cons-1978